Social Media Advertising Seminar Oct 2012

Social Media Advertising Seminar Oct 2012
Event on 2012-10-30 13:00:00
Highly-targeted and generally less expensive than Google AdWords, Social Media Advertising is a great way to create brand recognition, grow your fan base and create  immediate consumer sales. Learn how to use Social Media in a more targeted way by creating advertising campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Optimize your Facebook Timeline feature for a better conversion rate. 

  Course Information:

  • Social Media Advertising Seminar will be offered on Oct 30th  from 1:00-4:30pm at DemandQuest Minneapolis. The course fee is

Facebook Advertising: Facebook, with its 800+ million users, presents a huge opportunity for business. But the first question people ask is, “Can it really generate money?” Marketers can leverage the massive reach and highly customizable targeting of Facebook’s ad platform. They can create ads that take clickers straight to an ecommerce site, bypassing fan marketing entirely. The ads-direct-to-websites option is often overlooked, but can be immediately profitable. If you’re not 100% sure about committing to the time and creativity required for fan marketing, then test direct-to-site ad traffic first. Learn how to create a highly effective campaign as well as a business page that can convert! Create a highly targeted campaign that will show ads to facebook users based on the city they live in, hobbies, interests and more. Take visitors to your website or have them become fans of your facebook page where you can deliver updates to their news feeds. We'll help you determine which advertising strategies are right for you.  

LinkedIn Advertising: With more than 100 million users and counting, LinkedIn is a flourishing social media platform for business professionals worldwide. That’s great news for B2B marketers, because LinkedIn is much more than just a bunch of résumés. LinkedIn advertising is a huge opportunity for lead generation for B2B companies. Business messages are well-received in LinkedIn’s professionally focused environment.  In addition, LinkedIn lets marketers target ads to users by important B2B demographics such as job title or industry or even focusing on members of particular LinkedIn groups.  This is different—and arguably better-suited for B2B—than Facebook ads, which typically target users by lifestyle interests (such as gardening, music or religion). Marketers can create an ad on LinkedIn in just minutes with a minimum spend of /day. For LinkedIn ads, there are some basics of PPC advertising to keep in mind, as well as nuances of LinkedIn to leverage to ensure you’ll get the most from your campaigns.  

About your Social Media Advertising Seminar Leader:

Ted Kozlowski: Silicon Valley veteran and current President of DemandQuest, Ted Kozlowski is a seasoned technology sales and marketing executive. He’s been a featured speaker and teacher in North Carolina, California and Minnesota representing companies such as Network Solutions, The Institute for Entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina,, Computer Associates and many more. He has shared his expertise on social media strategy, Google AdWords Advertising, Google Analytics and InBound Marketing with local chambers and at national conferences.

DemandQuest: the Twin Cities' only Google Certified Partner offering complete training. DemandQuest was founded by marketing & sales entrepreneur Ted Kozlowski. Having crafted marketing solutions for a variety of organizations and industries, and having worked extensively with such internet marketing companies as Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn, DemandQuest’s founder and instructors are uniquely qualified to take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and provide processes and solutions that are easy to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

at DemandQuest HQ
2112 Broadway Street NE
Minneapolis, United States

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