Social Media Agency, Fishbat, Weighs In On The Apple WWDC: Announces iOS6 and OS X Mountain Lion As Well As Social Media Sharing Capabilities

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2012

On June 11, 2012 Apple hosted its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference. There were several announcements made, much of it thrilling but not necessarily surprising those in attendance or those watching a stream of the event. As many Apple fans anticipated, it was announced that the next MacBook Pros would have Retina displays. Users found out exactly which features were going to be available in iOS6 and OS X Mountain Lion.

Along with the Retina displays, MacBook Pros will now be sporting new hardware that isnt as visible. The new MacBooks will come with Intels Ivy Bridge processors. The MacBook Pros will also contain two USB 3.0 ports each, plus one high-speed Thunderbolt port. Apple also seems to have dropped the 17-inch option in MacBooks, which may be disappointing news for anyone who likes a bigger screen.

iOS6 brings with it many new features. Siri is making her way over to the iPad and will now be able to open apps for users. Shes also becoming more knowledgeable about a variety of topics such as sports and movie times. There will also be more Facebook integration, similar to what iOS5 did for Twitter. Users will now be able to instantly share videos and photos to his or her Facebook page. There will be an updated Maps app that uses Apples own maps. Along with live traffic information, users will be able to see directions from his or her lock screen.

The other major announcement made by Apple at WWDC concerned OS X Mountain Lion. In this new world of social media, it is incredibly important to be able to share content immediately. OS X Mountain Lion will enable users to do all of this instantly with a new share button. A new additional feature, Dictation, has been added. iMessage has also arrived on OS X Mountain Lion, meaning that users can now message anyone who is using an iOS device, plus other people on their computers. Now users will always be connected with all of their friends.

All of these new announcements are great news for Apple fans. The new additions to the MacBook line and the improvements to iOS and OS X all seem great, says Justin Maas, Social Media Account Manager at fishbat, an online marketing firm. The only thing missing from this WWDC was a major or surprising announcement, but that no longer seems to be Apples operating strategy since Steve Jobs passed away.

While there was a lack of surprise, Apple fans were surely satisfied by the announcements from the WWDC. The highly anticipated news delivered today by Apple at its yearly conference met expectations for many devoted Mac-users, who now sit back and wait for their newest MacBook.


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