Social Media Bootcamp For Business

Social Media Bootcamp For Business
Event on 2015-03-01 21:30:00

We communicate has changed – and your sales tactics also need to change if you want to stay in the game. In a short space of time Social Media has become the most important platform for initiating and maintaining communication with customers. Get ready to overhaul your sales approach by using social technology to find and sell to new customers. . Online Social Technologies are moving business forward like never before in history. The adoption curve has crested and those left in the dark may not survive. Do you have the right tools and process strategies in place to take part in the ongoing social conversation and make the most of your online presence?

Join WSI consultants Francois Muscat & Emad Ashram as we bring together professionals ready to learn how understanding social dynamics with the right foundation strategies can change their careers and organizations to win. We bring together participants from all levels of application, so don't worry about being out-paced – the time is now for getting everyone up to speed on these powerful tools.

Your 90-Day Social Media Strategic PlanOur action-packed 3-day Social Media Boot Camp will get your company ready to connect with the right people and build a good online reputation.
Each module is presented and followed by an exercise to ensure that you fully understand what is covered. You will leave motivated with a clear understanding of how you can begin implementing your social media strategy. We introduce key concepts and best practices of using the 6 most important social media platforms.

    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google +
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest

You will learn how to stand out from the crowd by creating a compelling profile that will attract your ideal clients to you and your company. We provide you with a 90-Day Social Media plan template that includes amazing message script templates that work to connect you with people that matter.  
10-Step Process for Implementing Social Technology10-Step process to help guide you in creating a solid plan that can quickly be set in motion to generate positive results.
 1-  Goal Development for Leveraging Social Technologies
 2-  Developing your Social media Tech Team
 3-  Documenting your Social Media Policy
 4-  Planning an Integrated Web Presence
 5-  Developing your Social Media platforms
 6-  Content Marketing for Thought Leadership
 7-  Social Media Campaign Development
 8-  Planning Company use of Social Media
 9-  Social Business for Lead Generation & Relationship Building
 10- Measurement and ROI process11-  Social Selling About the Trainer

Francois Muscat
Expert Trainer, Consultant, & Author
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  • Business Owners, Entrepreneur, Business Developers,
  • Marketing Managers and Specialists 
  • Sales Managers and PR Managers
  • Marketing and business Agencies and Consultants 
  • Social Media Specialist and social media manager

 Trainees will be awarded with a certificate from WSI stream

at WSI Courses
6699 Fayd As Samaa
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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