Social Media Buz Presents: LinkedIn is not a job seeking tool!

Social Media Buz Presents: LinkedIn is not a job seeking tool!
Event on 2013-11-28 13:00:00

LinkedIn is a gateway to endless opportunities, whether it be new a career, new friendship, or business contract. But it is not a tool primarily for job prospects. But it is also not just a social media network at that, LinkedIn is a brilliant educational tool for adults alongside being a modernised site to share engaging content, whether it be breaking world news to a great friendly blog.

Since LinkedIn was founded in December 2002 it has now reached over 260 million users, across 200 countries and territories.

Allow the number one’s UK social media strategist Mark Hamilton Taylor help you. With his vast and exciting experience of working with the likes of;

  • FedEx

  • Event Masters

  • Premiership Football Clubs

  • Lord Mayor

  • Thrifty car rental

  • Local colleges

Alongside a range of various – Fortune 500 global Companies, and many more!

Just because a profile is live, does not mean it is active and successful. Learn how to use the great and effective tools of LinkedIn, to connect with the most affluent business people in your industry and how to leverage this into an effective and trusting consumers.   
With over 3 million company pages become advanced within your industry as the social media site LinkedIn continues to grow everyday!

Be up to date with the millions of people who are advancing on the social media spectacular which allows you to optimise your brand's, awareness, usability, frequency, immediacy, and permanence.

And get involved and learn how to be the best in the growing phenomenon of online networking, through this brilliant and inspiring seminar, from the number one professor of social media!

This seminar will presented by top social media strategist Mark Hamilton-Taylor’s team at Social Media Buz takes it’s mission statement “engaging social media for business” to heart and it is the core of what they do, we are an agency that is driven to help your business grow in the digital space through social media.


This seminar would cost hundreds of pounds but you will get proven social media tips to help your business grow as part of this event.

This will be part of West Midlands Cloud, Data & Smart Mobility Expo 2013 part of GLOBAL Big Data Festival & Global Entrepreneur Week (25 Cities, 10,000+ participants) here are some of the key features of the event.


    • 50+ Exhibitors, 30+ Masterclasses, 600+ delegates

    • Secret millionaire, ready to invest! Are you or your business idea investable?

    • Dragons Den Panel- Do you have the E-factor?

    • Augmented Reality & Interactive LIVE Demo’s!

    • Competitions, Prizes & Giveaways…

    • Special KEYNOTE: Sir Tim Berners-Lee (TBC)

    • Cloud Theatre – Disruptive Technology & Gamechangers

    • B2B EEN Brokerage Event & EU Delegation – EU partners looking for UK Partners

    • Enterprise & Employability Zone – Business support & career zone

    • Smarter Cities & Smart Mobility – discuss how you can get involved in Low Carbon & The Connected Car, Actively looking for Partners/ Suppliers

    • Deloitte- Are you ready for Low Carbon legislation! Act now before its too late, Carbon Champion tells you how & when you need to take action.

    • E-Marketing Masterclasses- LinkedIn, SEO… – learn how to take on the digital landscape


Largest EXPO of its Kind outside the Capital… tickets subsidised by Partners from £295 to £35!  & FREE by signing up to a workshop/seminar!


at Millennium Point
Curzon Street
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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