Social Media + Content Marketing Workshop, Torquay

Social Media + Content Marketing Workshop, Torquay
Event on 2014-07-31 09:00:00
Content Marketing, Planning & Social Media Management for your Creative Venture or Business

Join an intimate group of creative, curious and wholehearted people for an interactive and fun all-day workshop…Thursday 31st July
9.00am – 3.00pm
Zeally & Cliff, Torquay, Victoria, Australia
Includes Morning Tea and Lunch

Over 6 hours you will work through the different social media platforms, determine who your buyer personas are, and how to capture their attention and post content they will want to engage with.  You will gain a deep understanding of the types of content your followers will want to engage with. And learn how to plan your content and posting schedule, walking away with a monthly content plan for 2014.

We will cover these key areas which will transform your current content marketing:

– Understanding your WHY? Why you do what you do, and what do you stand for!

– learn about the most popular social media platforms available Facebook, twitter, youtube, Pinterest, Instagram

– understand how social media can support your current creative or business strategies

– realise why it’s important to know your customers, to gain the return on your time invested (we'll define three of your customer personas)

– clarify your own social media persona. What's the personality of the person posting the content and interacting with your audience?

– using detailed Australian usage statistics determine which platforms would best suit your business and your customer personas

– Brainstorm what type of content is best to post for your business, and realise how narrow you have been focussing to date!

– Developing a content calendar for posting, and learn how to manage your posting more efficiently.

– How will you know if your social media is working? Measuring & monitoring and what to look for.



You should walk away knowing how to support your marketing strategies with social media, and which platforms would be best to help you do that. Ensuring you invest your time where your customers spend theirs.

You will understand who you are talking to with your posts, and ensure you post content that will interest all your audience types,  and connect with them… resulting in more engagement.

You will become much more efficient with your time, and group tasks together where possible.

Belinda will give you insights into how to determine if your social media efforts are successful, and what to look for.

Call Belinda on 0414477445 or email on  for more information.


Q: Will I need to bring a computer?
A: No. This isn’t a workshop that has you sitting in front of a computer. This workshop is about learning, thinking, creating and planning in a hands on way. We find that it’s the time you spend away from a screen that allows you to stop and reflect, organise your thoughts and be creative. If you’d like to bring your computer or iPad you’re more than welcome to, but is isn’t required. (Please not there is no internet access available at the venue).


Q: What will I get out of it if I’m already using social media?
A: Most of the businesses we work with already have some approach to social media or content marketing. But what they lack is a strategic approach and plan to their efforts, which often results in feeling like they’re not quite sure what they should be posting, and feeling disorganised in their execution.  We’ll help you with both of these things, so you walk about with an actionable plan.


Q: What kinds of things will we be doing?
A: The workshop will be very hands on, and will have you working through a series of mindmaps, checklists, worksheets and calendar templates. And of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask specific questions throughout. The numbers for the workshop are limited to a small group to ensure everyone has a chance to get the most of the workshop for them. The aim of the workshop is to have your social media strategy documented and content calendar planned for the next 3 months, so that you feel more organised and purposeful in your social media efforts.

at zeally & Cliff
5 Zeally Bay Rd
Torquay, Australia

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