Social Media for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Social Media for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
Event on 2014-03-14 11:00:00

Using social media has become a standard in marketing for businesses. More importantly, content marketing is a must for any business trying to build a presence online. But there are a ton of social media platforms to choose from and it can be confusing trying to figure out where your business fits in. This introductory workshop on social media is designed to clear up all the confusion and put you on the path to effectively marketing your business on the right social media platforms for your business. 

  • Do you feel behind on the social media game?
  • Are you confused about where to start?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding how to navigate these platforms?
  • Are you unsure of which social media services to use?

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Small and medium business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs

What's the difference between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur typically sets his or her sights on building a scalable business that can survive without them. The business is branded and positioned to be managed by a team. And someday the company may even become a publicly traded enterprise, sold, or handed down to the founder's heirs.

solopreneur, unlike an entrepreneur who is building a branded business, is branding themselves only—and, hence, expansion opportunities may seem limited.

During this two-hour workshop you will learn:

  • What the most commonly used social media services are today (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn)
  • Which social media services to use for your business
  • Provide you with a simple guide to get started
  • How to create a realistic social media marketing plan
  • How to engage with your customers on these platforms
  • How to integrate these services into your business practices
  • How to manage all your social media accounts
  • How to find partnerships and customers
  • How to leverage social media to promote your services, events, products, news and more
  • Learn how to position your company as an expert

 To get the most out of this workshop, it is recommended you bring your own laptop.

at Offices of Maryland Resource and Training Center
1300 Mercantile Lane
Upper Marlboro, United States

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