Social Media for Start-Ups Demystified: Orlando Training (Central Florida)

Social Media for Start-Ups Demystified: Orlando Training (Central Florida)
Event on 2013-12-07 09:30:00

Social Media for Start-Ups Demystified

Looking to launch your business in 2014?

Whether you want to open a full-time business or start-up a weekend revenue stream, Social Media is a no-cost tool that can save thousands as you set-up, launch and run your business.  And Entrepreneurs should embrace Social Media not only for low cost and effective marketing campaigns but across their business.  We'll show you how to use it for everything from customer service to getting press coverage.   

It doesn't matter if your business is a delicious pizza parlour, boutique travel agency, charming B&B, specialized law firm or mobile technology company.  When it comes to customer service, customers only care about one thing: How can your business solve their problems.  They don't want to hear about your 5,000 fabulous features.  They want to know what your product does not what it is.  They need to see that your product can make their lives easier.   You will learn how to communicate through sharable content for social pages with your target audience and show them how your business will solve their problems – converting them to customers.  You'll also discover the importance of "Your Story" and how to tell it in a compelling and engaging way. 

The instructor for this workshop went to High School in Central Florida and is an award winning international news journalist and Cambridge MBA.  She teaches social and online media for the University of Cambridge at Cambridge Judge Business School's Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning and at Google's Campus in London.  She has done Social Media training for executives at commercial media companies across China.  She has also worked on numerous entrepreneurial projects around the world including start-ups in Florida, Canada, UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, Turkey, Australia, China, South Africa and in West Africa.

As Social Media is all about "engagement" this course is taught through examining case studies together and practice exercises.  Participants don't have to have any pages, but we do ask that everyone brings a wifi enabled laptop.  Internet access at The Center for Economic Development is included.  Come with your questions.  An open discussion about Social Media is encouraged.  Everyone will have a chance to network before and after the session. 

Social Media for Start-Ups Demystified will be held at Center for Economic Development at Heathrow.  Located on the edge of Orlando in the heart of the Interstate 4 high-tech corridor, Seminole State College's million Center for Economic Development at Heathrow is a state-of-the-art space where students, community residents and professionals can converge, learn and create.  Use of the Center provides Social Media for Start-Ups Demystified participants a learning environment that is also the residence for several business development agencies including:
* Metro-Orlando Economic Development Commission
* Florida High Tech Corridor Council
* Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce
* Seminole Country Economic Development Department
The Center also provides workshop participants with free parking.  Drinks and light snacks are available at Nature's Table cafe. 

1. Start-Up Bootcamp
* Overview of the start-up business plan.
* Check-list of key items needed to register a business including domain registration and website design. 
* A list of easy to use content management systems (CMS) for web design will be shared.  Using a CMS allows you to remain in control of your website, its content and its social media integration.  It also keeps launch costs down. 
* Marketing Strategy 101: Leveraging lower cost forms of strategic communication like social media and press coverage to market your business.

2. Types of Social Media
* Blogs, discussion groups, sharing sites, games and virtual words.
* Tour each of the top sites: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and Pinterest – and find out which is best for your organization.
* Analysis of what works best on each site including why 10 million users are on Pinterest and what's the best features on Google+. 
* The benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
* Exercises for Social Networking sites include working on Google+ and Facebook and then looking at the measurement metrics for each space.
* Exercises for YouTube include looking at creating great content for your audience and uploading it to YouTube.

3. Social Business
* How Social affects brands and the business.
* Companies and individuals – how the pages work.
* The benefits of using Social Media for business.
* The Social Enterprise; Social in Marketing, Public Relations, Customer Service, HR, and IT.
* How to use Social Media for Press Coverage.
* Social Advertising: Facebook Ads vs Google Ad Words and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) vs impressions.
* Case studies of when Social works and when it doesn't will be examined.

4. Press Coverage
Your instructor for Social Media for Start-Ups Demystified is an award winning journalist and Cambridge MBA who has worked as an Assignment Editor for network evening news in the U.S. and UK.  She brings valuable insight into how news stories get commissioned and offers useful tips for making contact with journalists.
* Writing a Press Release Headline that grabs attention.
* Old School paper Press Release writing.
* EPK creation and its advantages over a paper Press Release (Electronic Press Kit).
* Analysis of what works for various media outlets – radio, paper, online, blog, TV. 

5. Finding a Journalist for Your Story
* How to identify and meet a journalist that could use you as a resource.
* How to identify press outlets that will turn your story into news coverage.
* What to bring when you meet a journalist to talk about your start-up news story.
* How to follow-up after meeting a journalist about your potential story.

6. Legals
* Best practices and the law.
* Implementing a Social Media program and developing your policy.
* Crisis Management: Not everyone who likes you on Facebook is a fan.
* Ripped from the headlines: Cases where it’s all gone wrong.
* Effective Social Policies from popular businesses will be shared.

7. Future Trends and Your Questions
* This is an interactive course designed to work with the questions the participants want answered. By the end of this course every participant will have a general understanding of the Social Media and a toolkit to launch or run their own pages.

Social Media for Start-Ups Demystified by Coffee Shop Communications is for start-ups, community managers and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about social media for business development.  It is also for anyone who wants to be entrepreneurial with social media in the workplace.  The instructor for this Masterclass has launched websites and social media applications at media companies around the world.  She has a two year Masters degree in Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising and an MBA from Cambridge's Judge Business School, where she has also taught media and press courses for the university at CJBS's Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning.

Please Note: If you are too busy running your business on weekends, we're offering the same workshop on Thursday December 5th.  Sign-up for Thursday here:

Disclaimer: Coffee Shop Communications accepts no liability for information on or connected to our website or its use, as its used at the discretion of the individual.  The same applies to our workshops as use of information is at the discretion of the participant. 

at Center for Economic Development at Seminole State College Heathrow Campus

Orlando, United States

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