Social Media For The Telecoms Sector

Social Media For The Telecoms Sector
Event on 2014-07-08 08:30:00
With one-third of the global population online, recent studies show that about 79% of all telecommunication customers are now relying on social media networks for information regarding products and services. In other words, over half of these costumers are logging on to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, etc. to learn more about telecommunication providers. But what is challenging for telecom companies is figuring out how to engage such a big audience and monitor what all of these people are saying. Are they asking for advice? complaining? or generally happy with your product?

Against this backdrop, SMi's masterclass hosted by Alison Battisby Consulting will bring you up to speed with the latest advances in content marketing, looking specifically at what content works best for each social media platform. We will spend time creating an overriding strategy behind the planning process so that you come away with a solid framework on how your organisation can gather and produce great content.

Why you should attend:
Gain a better understanding of how your business should be gathering content to use across your social media channels.
• You will learn how to brainstorm and creatively plan content, involving your organisation in the process. You will learn how to distribute your content correctly, and how to look for opportunities to further engage with your audience and potential customers.
• You will feel confident in the strategy behind your content marketing in social media, and will be able to plan effective campaigns that meet your business goals.

Speakers: Alison Battisby, Social Media Consultant, Alison Battisby Consulting

at Holiday Inn – Bloomsbury – London
Coram Street
City of London, United Kingdom

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