Social Media is Only Part of An Overall Internet Marketing Plan, Consultations Provide Insight

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) September 19, 2012

After a recent article remarked on marketing and social media, RCBryan and Associates decided to give away free consultations. According to an article posted on Forbes yesterday, social media marketing should only be used after a full marketing agenda is determined. Instead, they recommend using social media as a way to increase communication with consumers and bring together all of the sales messaging used. This may come as a surprise to some, as many companies think that social media marketing is the solution to having an affordable marketing campaign.

Social media is intended to create a networking and communication platform with which users can engage with one another. However, if businesses use social media marketing as a way to promote their products or services, some social media users may be turned off to their offers. This is why social media marketing is best used in conjunction with a fully developed plan for internet marketing, as the Forbes article suggests.

The highlighted ways that the Forbes article advises social media marketers to use social media is communicate directly with consumers and control the conversation as much as possible. With the free consultation from RCBryan & Associates in addition to this advice, business owners can find the best means to market their brand online.

RCBryan and Associates is a Cleveland based marketing agency specializing in internet marketing services. They were founded by entrepreneur Roger Bryan, and have a staff of internet marketing specialists that can provide information regarding how to use a social media marketing plan with one of their free consultations. For more information on an internet marketing plan, social media marketing, or to get a free consultation with them, visit or call them at 888-722-7926.

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