Social Media is Slowing Search Engine Traffic Growth

(PRWEB) September 30, 2012

A recent Experian Hitwise UK report just released shows that August was the first month this year that didnt show a year-over-year gain in traffic. Samuel Junghenn founder of digital marketing company Think Big Online comments that its too early to be making predictions.

While the report may be starting to some business owners who rely heavily on search traffic its too early to make any decisions or assumptions. While Google experienced a drop in search traffic overall for the month Microsoft and Ask say a spike. Said Samuel Junghenn founder of Think Big Online.

I expect this was just a small bump in Googles road to continued traffic and search engine dominance. While social media is great at connecting people I dont see a point of time where search engines would become obsolete. Said Mr Junghenn.

The Experian Hitwise UK report shows that for August 2012 there overall visits to Google Sites was down by 40 million in the UK. This could be explained though by the Olympics running during this period.

There is history to prove that events affect the amount of search traffic and Internet usage and possibly this was just a sign of a nation supporting its Olympic endeavors rather than getting lost in Google searches.

It will be interesting to monitor this decline and see whether it is repeated in the September period or if it corrects itself.

Im expecting that this will correct itself in the next month and this was just a once off event. I would caution calm to website owners and to advise them to seek professional advice before taking any drastic steps. Said Samuel Junghenn.

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