Social Media Is This Generation's Guerrilla Marketing

Social Media Is This Generation's Guerrilla Marketing
Recently, I had my first Huffington Post blog article posted. While the content focused on Man's love affair with fantasy sports, I also intentionally explained one the reasons why I had begun writing within social environments like the Huffington Post …
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Social Media Insanity: How To Keep Sane
Before we go on, take a good look at the infographic above that shows the various aspects and networks involved in the social media marketing world. When I say take a good look, what I really mean is glance over it quickly, because staring too long …
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Get That Life: How I Started My Own Digital Marketing Business
She wanted to go into social media marketing before social media had become an integral part of every business — no one really knew what it was yet. So she started to blog, which turned into the bestselling book The Zen of Social Media Marketing and …
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