Social Media Marketing 2 day Bootcamp

Social Media Marketing 2 day Bootcamp
Event on 2013-07-20 08:00:00

This intensive bootcamp will take you from social media newbie to social media operative in just two days.

Come setup and learn how to use the various social media platforms to drive traffic to your business. Increase sales and reach out to a whole new market share. 

We take you step by step from no presents to a total social media shock and awe system. 

Two days, 18+ hours of creation, of your social media marketing system. This isn't a take notes  type seminar. You won't get manuals that you put on a shelf and forget. You will walk out with a functioning system at the end of two days. This is a hands on working seminar. We will walk you through every step of setting up the system from creating the account to setting up your integration to how to use these tools in a systematic manner. 

You will walk out of this 2 day boot camp more knowledgeable than just about anyone you know including a few of the "Social Media Gurus".


Here is a short list of what we will cover:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Blogs
  • Systems Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook ads
  • Google Pay Per Click
  • Email Marketing
  • and more…


This type of system would cost you thousands of dollars to have setup for you. We are doing it at a fraction of that cost. Pennies on the dollar.

I have created these systems for hundreds of clients.

I have seen companies pay as much as 10,000 dollars for keyword research and seo.

I have seen companies pay upwards of 4,500 for creation of a blog. 

That is a total of 20,500.

What you are going to learn in just days is worth 10 times this much or more…

What does it cost you ask…

Before I tell you let me show what else you get…

  • 6 months of back end support via email and fax, with phone calls at our discretion for more difficult issues.
  • Unlimited Access  to our special back end members site, full of videos on how to do various things involved in social media marketing. Training on new technologies as they roll out, we will also have training and videos for you to review, so that you are never at a loss on how to integrate a new technology into your marketing system. 
  • Access & discounts on products and services we offer.
  • Access & discounts on products and services we our partners.
  • 6 weeks of coaching calls where we answer your questions in person. recorded and stored you can access anytime. 

If you do not embrace the internet and all that it offers you will go the way of the dinosaur. As populations age, the younger generations that have grown up with social media will not turn back to the yellow pages and directory assistance to find your business. They will look on google, they will ask for recommendations of facebook, they will read reviews on amazon and blogs. In order for your business to grow and flourish you must be in this game. You business future depends on it. 

All of this for the whopping price of 7.00 dollars, or Bring a friend , bussiness partner or associate and pay 5 for both and save bucks…


You decide do you maintain the olds ways of doing things starving for business, as the population ages, hungry for leads and eventually dying off?


Do you come to this boot camp get setup and running in an entirely new system, that drives traffic, makes sales and ensures you won't go the way of the brontosaurus?




at Indy Business Development Group Training Room
8770 Guion rd
Indianapolis, United States

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