Social Media Marketing Coach Discusses Methods of Customer Outreach

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) June 28, 2013

On June 28, Justin Maas, spokesperson for Social Media Marketing Coach, issues a response to a recent article from Online Marketing Springfield about how to generate and maintain customer loyalty. Maas says that being dynamic, responsive and understanding your target market are crucial.

One of the latest articles from Online Marketing Springfield written by Benny Roye talks about how to reach out to your customers and keeping them coming back. Roye says customer loyalty should be a priority for any business owner, and that nothing secures customer loyalty like ensuring that their needs are met.

Roye postes the question: how does one satisfy the needs of their business entire target market? How can someone best utilize the convenience of Internet to connect to their customers?

Justin Maas, spokesperson for Social Media Marketing Coach, says that social media is a big part of the answer. This is the age of the social platform. When your and your competitions customers can be contacted at the click of a button, it is essential to maintain your customers loyalty.

Maas stresses several steps business owners should take before going out and attracting customers. Before you can connect with customers you will need some money to fuel your advances. You are also going to need to acquire a hefty amount of investment capital. Keeping a very healthy relationship with your investors will help keep the money flowing to you. Roye advises upstarts to try and stick to a niche that you know or partner might know. Maas recommends another trick: short-term investments. As long as you make sure your money isnt involved with any long term policies, he says, your quick money should be in the clear.

Maas also addresses the manner in which you should execute targeting methods. You cannot take risks with your target market and their enjoyment of your products and services. Be relevant and know your customer. If they are young and trendy it is best to incorporate relevant and trending aspects into your sales pitch and marketing scheme.

Roye says that to reach a diverse variety of customers, business owners have to get creative. You cannot just put ads in newspapers and on the radio and think that youve reached your full potential. Maas elaborates: Always stay outside the box. Use strategies from both ends of the spectrum; design mobile apps that are quick and accessible, but also put up fliers around areas that you think your target market frequently visits. You might also want to give out free information packages for businesses in that area. Your company should have electronic coupons that require a reply for them to work.

Aside from your physical methods, your e-presence must be strong and appealing. continues Maas. Make sure your website is tailored to who you want to visit. If your target market is older people, you will want to make your site as easy to access and navigate as possible. If your target market is younger people, make sure your site is very elegant with flash animations and interactive. You might want to put up a comment page.

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