Social media marketing course (Sydney) 2015

Social media marketing course (Sydney) 2015
Event on 2015-01-09 09:30:00

A one day training course providing strategic thinking and practical tips. Offered first Friday of each month in Sydney's East. Classes are small (up to 12 people.) It's a friendly learning environment with an experienced educator. 

Call 0403 517242 to talk with instructor Phil Stubbs, or for more info read on: 

How we work  

We provide and use: 

– examples of best practice (small business and big corporates)  
– live online demonstrations  
– resources you can use later to continue learning (including videos) 
– a plain English approach to teaching (we avoid tech talk) 
– a practical component which focuses on your business  


What's in the course?   

This is our popular all-in-one package – where we cover the key bases in a day.
The key components of the course are:

1. Big picture / strategic thinking
– the key principles for success in the long run
– what you can learn from businesses using it well
– what you can expect to get out of social media
– how social media is different to old media
– where social media fits in with your overall marketing
– traditional marketing and communication techniques you should apply
– which social media platforms to use

2. The nitty gritty of developing your platforms

– how to use Facebook for marketing your business
– tips for maximising the effectiveness of Facebook
– what to post on Facebook / what works best
– examples of best practice (from small business to larger corporate work)
– an intro to Facebook advertising
– Facebook learning resources 

– how to use Twitter for marketing your business
– tips for maximising the effectiveness of Twitter
– what to tweet about / what works best
– an explanation of the key Twitter tools
– examples of best practice (from small business to larger corporate work)
– Twitter learning resources 

– how to use Linkedin for networking, branding and B2B
– tips for maximising the effectiveness of Linkedin
– examples of professional business people using Linkedin well
– Linkedin learning resources 

– how to use YouTube and videos for marketing your business
– tips for maximising the effectiveness of YouTube
– types of videos you can put on YouTube / what works best
– examples of best practice (from small business to larger corporate work)
– YouTube learning resources 

– how to use blogging for marketing your business
– tips for maximising the effectiveness of your blog
– what to blog about / genres of blog posts
– examples of best practice (from small business to larger corporate work)
– blogging learning resources 

3. Search engine optimisation
– the role of social media in search engine optimisation (getting up in google)
– a crash course in SEO – the essentials to help get your websites higher
– SEO learning resources 

4. Social media planning
– the key elements of a social media plan
– an example of a social media plan
– prac session where we brainstorm content ideas
– prac session where we develop and focus your social media plan

5. Key issues
– how to measure ROI (the return on investment for the time you put in)
– an intro to developing social media policy for organisations
– how to build and interact with your online community over time
– what to do about negative comments

6. Starting and managing your time
– where to start with social media / strategies to help get you going
– how to fit in the time to keep it going
– feeding and interlinking your social media and website
– the key things you should do straight away  

Why learn about social media marketing? 

The cost to start social media platforms is free. The hidden cost is the time it takes to really get it working well – which makes it imperative you understand the principles for long term success, how successful players are using it, and how you should be spending your own precious time.

Those successful businesses have used social media to:
– listen to what’s happening in the market
– build relationships with customers
– focus attention on their brand’s strengths
– position as a leader in their field and build brand value
– get higher in google searches
– generate leads and opportunities 

Who should do the course? 

This one day course is for people who want to learn quickly how they can use social media more effectively. Whether you run a small business, you work in a corporate environment, or you’re promoting a charity or creative project. It includes people with marketing, PR and advertising responsibilities.  

Who is teaching the course?

Phil Stubbs has 10+ years experience working in advertising and the media, 10+ years teaching at universities, and 7+ years campaigning online.

He has a solid foundation in marketing having worked in leading advertising agencies in Sydney including The Campaign Palace. He’s worked on campaigns for clients with large budgets – from Rydges Hotels to Oil of Ulay through to small business, creative startups, charities and causes. He set up practical advertising programs at Charles Sturt University and the Uni of Western Sydney. 


Want to talk to the instructor? 

If you'd like to know more, you're welcome to call me (Phil Stubbs) at the School on 0403 517 242. Or email phil(at)  


Can't make the current course date?

We can let you know when the next course is on by email. Simply subscribe to our mailing list on our website (We keep our messages to a minimum and you can unsubscribe any time.) You're also welcome to Like our Media School Facebook page for updates about courses and occasional tips on how to use social media for marketing your business. 


Interested in other social media courses? 

As well as social media marketing, we offer intensive courses on key platforms. Coming up hands-on training on Linkedin and blogging. 

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How to secure your place on the course   

The simplest way to secure a spot is to book and pay here on Eventbrite. Our programs are becoming popular, so in many cases, you'll need to get in early to ensure your place. Unfortunately we can't accept a booking without full payment of fees. Our terms and conditions for cancellations are below*. Eventbrite accepts Visa and Mastercard. Please call or email us if you don't have either and would prefer an alternate payment method. 


What people are saying about our courses 

Here's some comments from people who've attended our courses –   

Trevor Thomas, Managing Director, Ethinvest:

Phil's social media training was strategic, relevant, content rich, well paced and enjoyable. An extremely interesting and worthwhile course.

Karen Guest, Marketing Leverage (former Marketing Manager at Uncle Toby's):

Very enlightening and engaging. Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Would highly recommend it.

Kate Pembroke (former Head of Corporate Affairs of Destination NSW): 

Enjoyed the videos, resources, humour, venue, and wonderful food. A practical, great course. Phil was a relaxed and insightful teacher.

Trevor Sartour, Executive Director, Building Indigenous Capability

10 out of 10. Full marks for a great program! Great content, well structured, enjoyed Phil's expertise and knowledge, packaged with a down to earth presentation. Plus tremendous takeaway resources and great food.

Clint Piper, Clint Piper Consultancy, former General Manager of Wella

Works well for new or experienced social media users. The examples were great. The take-away resources are invaluable.

Lisa Gray, Digital Manager, Red Humpy TV

The course gave me ideas about where I will be going and the confidence to go there. Phil keeps you engaged and interested the whole time.

Ingrid Roepers, Director, IRPR

Great overview of how the jigsaw puzzle of platforms fits together. Enjoyed learning about the 'marketing mindset' change. Phil is a great presenter.

Debbie Graham, Darley Street Bistro

Got my brain working! Has definitely pointed us in the right direction.

Rosy Mobbs, Journalist and Media Trainer: 

The course answered a lot of questions I knew I wanted to ask but didn’t know enough to ask them.

Check out more comments and see the range of businesses doing our courses.


Our secret weapons (experience + care)  

We're confident you'll get a lot out of this course. We've been working in business, education and the media for over 20 years. We genuinely care about helping people and seeing their business succeed. We'll make the day well worth your time and money. 


By all means give me a call if there's anything you'd like to know more about. 


Phil Stubbs, 

Director, Media School. 


* What happens if you need to cancel (or change) your booking:  

If you do book and then can't make it, we usually allow you to transfer your booking to a later date – if you let us know by email 48 hours prior to the event. You can transfer the money you've paid to a later offering of the same course or toward another course offered by us. (These need to be within 12 months of your original course date.) There's an administration fee of 10% of the course price for each transfer. 

If you want to cancel the booking completely, we will issue a refund if you let us know in writing (by email) 5 business days before the event. There is however a cancellation fee of 20% of the course price (which will be deducted from the refund.) Refunds will not be issued if you notify us within 5 days of the course. (Best to transfer your money to the next course in this case.) 

Another person may take your place on the course you've booked if you can't attend. Please let us know by email prior to the course in this case (with the name of the person taking your place.) If you don't show up for a course, unfortunately we can't issue a transfer or refund. 

Logo disclaimer:
Media School is not affiliated with the media platforms portrayed here. Nor does it claim to hold rights to their logos. We are enthusiasts helping others learn how to use these platforms effectively. 

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