Social Media Marketing explained in HINDI

ज्योतिन्द्र ज़वेरिने सोसीअल मीडिया हिंदी में समझाया – Prof Jyoti Zaveri explaining about Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog. This is in Indian nationa…

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  1. Sharmila Shrestha says:

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  2. Vikram Babu says:

    Excellent explanation before two years back.The zoom started now

  3. Santosh Pawar says:

    video bahot hi acha hai sir…. mujhe acha laga… SMO ka bahot hi acha explaination raha hai.. thank you for sharing with us

  4. Rahul tyagi says:

    Hello sir My name Rahul Tyagi mane apka video dekha muje apka video bhuta acha lga. me SEO Executive profile paer work kar rha hun aur me Social Media Marketing me bhi sikhna chata hu me chata ap muje SMO sikhane me meri help kare Thankyou

  5. Prakash Gangurde says:

    Nice Explanation. I liked it.

  6. Jyoti Zaveri says:

    Thanks Sanjeev. All the best for your Song Portal. धन्यवाद |

  7. Smruti Joshi says:

    1st thank for nice explanation in hindi n i agree wd vewver vishal chandel coz hamare desh me telent bahut he creativiti bahut he par eng ki vazaha se kai log apana hunar creation devlop nahi kar parahe he aap ne ye knowledge dekar achha kam kiya.thnx again

  8. Jyoti Zaveri says:

    Thank you Prakash Gangurde for your positive comments. धन्यवाद |

  9. Jyoti Zaveri says:

    Yes, Smruti thank you for watching and giving +ve comments. धन्यवाद |

  10. Viralimpressions says:

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  11. Aslam Ahmed says:

    thank nirmal g for hindi lang …

  12. Tapan Zaman says:

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  13. Jyoti Zaveri says:

    Thank you Disha.

  14. SANJEEV SINGH says:

    nice explanation,tahks for the information….i’m making songs portal….so its important to me…….

  15. Jyoti Zaveri says:

    Thank you Nirmal.

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