Social Media Marketing Must Be Sustainable

Social Media Marketing Must Be Sustainable
I know the very word can be off-putting, but marketing is not about shrieking, “buy my book, buy my book” crazily on social media. It's not about scams, unethical practices or treating people badly. Marketing is about sharing what you love with people …
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How Snapchat and Smartphone Messaging Apps Are Changing Social Media Marketing
Snapchat and Wickr are tearing up the social marketing playbook. While it's no news that social media use has become fractured, a new Pew Research Center report shows just how increasingly complex it's become. About 36 percent of U.S. smart phone …

Live course: The Digital Marketing & Social Media Bootcamp
To rise above the noise of the Web and build a brand requires a dedicated skillset. The most effective techniques are taught in the Digital Marketing and Social Media Bootcamp, which includes two live courses working toward an accredited diploma.
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