Social Media Marketing Tips for Local Marketing

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) April 20, 2013

Everyone wants to know the best social media marketing practices for local businesses and Think Big Online has a few tips. Samuel Junghenn advocates using different practices for local marketing than for marketing across the United States. He offers two tips for local social media marketing.

Local hashtags are important in a social media marketing campaign. Recently a local frozen yogurt shop called Brooklyn Swirl demonstrated how local hashtags can bring in customers. On the first day of busines, Brooklyn Swirl used its social media campaign to attract over 500 people and the people continued to come the entire summer thanks to its social media marketing. One key principle is that the owner told people who visited the store that they should use the hashtag#BrooklynSwirl to discuss the yogurt shop on Twitter. As a result the friends of customers heard about how good the yogurt shop was, even if they never spoke to them face-to-face.

Another key to local marketing is allowing the voice of the consumer to be heard. By promoting the strategy that consumers are right, companies have shown an increase in sales. One beauty store shut down its local store so that it could prepare to offer products nationwide. Customers were not happy about this and demanded the store be reopened. The owner of the beauty products company told customers to tweet Target in order to tell the company what products they would like to purchase at the store closest to their home. After the customers tweeted Target, the owner of the store got a call from Target and was asked to supply the requested products in local Target stores.

From this story, you can see how local customers can influence B2B business and help you get your product into new stores. Using local customers is an excellent way to reach out to companies and drive business.

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