Social Media Marketing Video Tutorial and Guide

Go to for a free social media marketing consult. This social media marketing tutorial covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Here is an outline of the topics covered in this social media tutorial guide 1) Facebook Marketing -How to increase Facebook fans -Increasing Facebook shares on posts -Using questions for engagement -Using images to get the most shares 2) Twitter Marketing -How to get more Twitter followers -Asking for the Retweet -Best times and days to tweet 3) Google+ Marketing -Maximizing the number of circles you are in -Adding rel author to content -Increasing Google pluses for SEO 4) Pinterest Marketing -Using the image size that gets referrals -Optimizing the image name and alt tag -Using popular infographics for content
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  6. Shahar Boyayan says:

    Anyone can start Facebook pages, Twitter accounts etc, but to make them work and bring back prospects, sales, awareness, branding, it takes a bit more.

  7. socialmediadd says:

    Social media marketing is always evolving, and Pinterest was just an idea a year and a half ago. Just focus on getting the key pillars down and you should have a good framework for understanding and utilizing social media for your business.

  8. socialmediadd says:

    I am working on deeper tutorials for Facebook and Twitter right now. They should be posted in my YouTube channel in the next couple of weeks.

  9. socialmediadd says:

    Overall, I the stats point to Facebook as being more effective than Twitter. They are both important and offer unique marketing advantages. However, you should master Facebook first before moving onto trying to understand how to use Twitter for marketing,

  10. TheCp774 says:

    Social Media really does a big role when it comes Marketing and i may have a lot of things need to know from you as an expert which is more effective fb or twitter?

  11. Victoria8238 says:

    wow all of this are new to me but hey thanks

  12. JohnyBravo32 says:

    its never too late to learn oh by the way who taught this to you

  13. SuperApplezzz says:

    like him? yes definitely. I get your point dont worry

  14. Lili20speks says:

    Sie sind ein großer Lehrer.

  15. parisprr20 says:

    hey thanks a lot pretty much that i want to know and will come back tomorrow and lets see what i will learn from you again

  16. sue20gr says:

    just the thing that i want to learn

  17. arnie6972 says:

    Just subscribed to get more free stuff from you Brandon

  18. cdark85 says:

    this is the best guide that ive ever watch

  19. bryan atkin says:

    today we need an expert like

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