Social Media Marketing Workshops

Social Media Marketing Workshops
Event on 2015-06-18 05:00:00

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How to Turn Your Business into a Social Business

June 18th 2015

Social media is not just a marketing and sales tool. It creates word-of-mouth excitement, it can help build business and it can attract more customers. Market your business more effectively in the 21st century with social media using tools like:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Email marketing

  • Blogs

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Vine

  • LinkedIn

  • Google+ and much, much more.


Internet Marketing Strategies

July 16th 2015

Internet marketing has changed the game. Marketing is no longer about shouting your message to as many people as possible, it is about finding and connecting with only those people who are interested in your product, service or mission. In this workshop you will learn why and how businesses should use the internet to grow. Topics include improving your

  • Search engine ranking,

  • Blogging, and

  • Using social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn) to connect with current and potential customers/clients and partners.


    Turn your business into a social business!


Marketing with Facebook

August 27th 2015

With over a billion active users, Facebook is by far the most popular social media service in existence. In this workshop you will learn all about using Facebook for business. Including step-by-step instructions for creating a business page and setting up ads that directly target ideal customers, this workshop is absolutely practical. It is packed with great information for current page admins and a must for anyone who has not previously set up a Facebook ad or Facebook business page.



Marketing with Twitter

September 24th 2015

Twitter is a fantastic way to connect with experts and other influencers in any industry.  During this Twitter workshop we will teach you how to:  build a Twitter community; create a strong Twitter profile; use hashtags and why they're important; become an expert; and how to connect your social media outlets to your Twitter profile.



Marketing with LinkedIn

October 22nd 2015

Facebook is for everyone.  Twitter is for connecting with experts or people trying to become experts.  And LinkedIn is for your business contacts.  Learn how to use your LinkedIn personal profile to connect with others in your industry, build a better business, and target customers using features on LinkedIn. Learn how to use: LinkedIn as your digital rolodex; how and why you should update your LinkedIn profile regularly; Use LinkedIn groups to reach more customers and build influence in your industry; and target connections in your industry/potential customers using the LinkedIn search tool.


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