Social Media Maxima Announces Strategic Partnership with SEO Company

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Social Media Maxima is now partnering with SeeYouSEO, a website Search Engine Optimization company located in the technology capitol of the East Coast, Northern Virginia. The Dulles area of Virginia is rapidly becoming a center for IT companies, creating the perfect environment for these two service companies to flourish. Internet innovation is the mode in the DC area, challenging small businesses to become more proficient with technology. Though many smaller companies continue to struggle with the increasing demands associated with presenting themselves on the internet, inbound marketing is a crucial aspect of any successful business marketing plan.

Social Media Maximas mission is to help businesses establish, manage, and optimize their online presence on social media sites, and through blogging, email campaigns, and by offering affordable custom websites. SEO is a highly specialized activity for increasing a websites presence so potential customers, prospects, partners, and referral sources can find them online through organic search. Search engines, such as Google, have very sophisticated algorithms determining which websites are shown first when someone does a search for a product or service. It is impossible for those who are not trained and competent in SEO to know how to properly optimize websites with the necessary detail and populate directories to put the business in the top position when their audience is searching for what they offer.

Google reports that 97% of American consumers search the internet as part of their purchasing decision process. They may be looking for a specific company or searching in an industry for a provider of a certain service. It is in the best interest of businesses to be found through this type of search – if they are not, their competitors are, and they lose the business. SEO services offer businesses the best chance of being found on the internet. Social media plays a key role in optimizing a businesss presence on the Internet and works hand in hand with specialized and specific SEO strategies.

Now with Social Media Maxima teaming up with SeeYouSEO to provide the best of both worlds, companies are found online and their customer base grows along with their revenue. These two companies work collaboratively to enhance the whole online presence for the business, and to create a very robust company image and give the best impression of the quality products and services offered to the greatest audience possible. Social Media Maxima President, Andrea Howard, states, We are thrilled to be joining forces with another quality Internet marketing company. Now our clients have the benefit of a full online presence solution – from strategy to execution, we have them covered.

Though Social Media Maxima and SeeYouSEO are both located in Northern Virginia, their services occur online, allowing them to work with any company nationwide. This is a perfect partnership and greatly enhances the quality of services both companies offer their target audience.

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