Social Media Maxima, Inc. to Bring Business Incubation Program to Women in Tanzania

Washington DC (PRWEB) March 05, 2014

Social Media Maxima’s President, Andrea Howard, will be traveling to Tanzania in September to work with aspiring women business owners. The program concept builds on a well-established foundation of education and leadership training for women and girls in Tanzania. Opportunities for business ownership are not easily secured by women in developing nations. Establishing and running a successful business provides the entrepreneur with possibilities for economic advancement and freedom, in a way that no other form of income allows. Not only will the participants in the Business Incubation Project gain skills in business development and management, but also social enterprise.

Women in Tanzania will have the opportunity to develop and enhance skills related to entrepreneurship and social enterprise as a sustainable business model. This has the potential for ripple effects far beyond the individual participants, their families, and communities. Social enterprise is a model based on self-sustaining service, where everyone involved benefits. Andrea Howard states, “The far-reaching impact of programs like this can scarcely be measured. The web of beneficiaries extends wide and deep as people, organizations, systems, and ultimately cultures are transformed.”

The NGO hosting the business incubation project, AfricAid, has a successful track record educating young women and girls giving them a chance at a happy life. With the support of AfricAid, Ms. Howard’s work will center around coaching women and girls in business, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise. In an area of the world where education can make the difference between life and death, this project aims to foster business skills and entrepreneurial endeavors as a sustainable model for economic stability for the women of Tanzania. This is a pilot project, with the intention of scalability in the future.

Together with the Africaid staff, Ms. Howard is bringing her background in human service management, education, business, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing to create a program for young women to develop skills in business ownership and social enterprise management. Through this initiative, participants will demonstrate business skills consistent with their goals and enhance their ability to take advantage of opportunities in business. AfricAid’s established track record in the education of girls in Tanzania, offers the perfect platform on which to launch a women’s business incubation project.

Social Media Maxima is a digital/inbound marketing company in the Washington DC area. They serve businesses by establishing and maintaining a positive and effective online presence through social media management, website design/development, blog writing, and all forms of inbound marketing. This new social justice project is a their foray into the space of social entrepreneurship.

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