Social Media Saturday: Practical Online Marketing Training + BONUSES $$$

Social Media Saturday: Practical Online Marketing Training + BONUSES $ $ $
Event on 2013-08-24 09:00:00


Hi folks. James Burchill here and I'm excited so many of you asked me to teach a SPECIAL ONE-DAY ONLY (give 'em the works and then some…) SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING DAY.

And on Saturday August 24th I'm doing just that!

  • If you're wondering about SOCIAL MEDIA and how the pro's do it … this seminar shows you.
  • If you're wondering how you can do social media quickly and easily … this seminar shows you.
  • If you wondered what technology, tools and tricks to use … this seminar shows you.

Yup, I'm pulling out all the stops to teach you as much as I can squeeze into a FULL DAYS TRAINING (9-5) August 24th

In fact … here's the basic list of what I'll be teaching you:

  1. Quick recap of what I covered at the Robert Allen event.
  2. I'll teach you the ,500 (TIME) schema
  3. How to launder an email list (Harry Potter files this under the 'Dark Arts')
  4. The 7 steps Online Marketing Method we use at BFM
  5. Our 'secret' SALE OR BAIL process. (This one is priceless!)
  6. The 8 steps we follow to make our messaging "move you" (I probably shouldn't teach you this.)
  7. My Infopreneur blueprint. I'll pick up where Robert Allen left off and explain step by step what you need to do next. It's very cool … and easy when you know how.
  8. I'll teach you our C3 Formula (never taught before!)
  9. I'll also walk you through our "Mega Map" … I've also NEVER taught this model before.


On top of all this powerful material, I'll also give you the following BONUS items so your training can continue after the day is done 😉

  1. An eCopy of my book: "Social Media Isn't Social If You're Shouting!"
  2. An eCopy of my book: "36 Ways to Fail in Social Media Marketing"
  3. A copy of my "Lazy-mans Guide to Content Ideas & More"
  4. How To Do Social Media in 12 Minutes Per day (seriously … it can be done!)
  5. A copy of our internal 'Social Media Competitive Analysis' cheat sheet
  6. Our 'Single Source' Content Publication schematic (this save soooo much time.)
  7. A copy of our internal "secret rules of the herd mentality" (another powerful document)
  8. A map of the psychological triggers we consider when building a marketing campaign


Naturally the day is an open format dialogue and I'll be happy to take questions and queries as you wish. Please arrive around 8am for registration and coffee before starting at 9am.

We will take a short "nature break" around 10:30am and then run through to 12 Noon when we will break for lunch. 


Lunch is your own choice. There are plenty of wonderful local restaurants nearby: Jack Astors, The Keg and of course the Hotel itself. I'll be happy to join you for lunch if you'd like … I guess it depends on where the majority of us decide to eat 🙂

The training resumes at 1:30 pm and runs through to another short break at 3pm. Back at 3:15pm we will keep up the pace until 4:30 pm (give or take a few minutes.)

Then we wrap up the day with some relaxed networking while TAE begins to pack up the room for us.


If schedules permit — and if anyone would care to join me — I'll probably head into the hotel bar for a frosty beverage to decompress before heading home. You're welcome to join me (and no, you don't need to buy me a pint!)


If you have any questions, please email me. Otherwise REGISTER NOW and reserve your space. It's going to be a one-of-a-kind training day and I guarantee I'll never deliver it again quite like this. Don't wait.

And as always …

Stay frosty 🙂

James Burchill

PS. If you'd prefer to work with me 1-on-1 either for personal coaching, training or consulting that is always your option. My daily rate is ,000, my half-day rate is ,000 and if you have a specific question or issue there's the 1 hour problem/solution consult for 0 (delivered via skype or phone.)


at Holiday Inn Express
3063 South Service Road
Burlington, Canada

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