Social Media Tools for Education – an Introduction (Part I)

Social Media Tools for Education – an Introduction (Part I)
Event on 2013-03-12 14:00:00

A beginners guide to social media for education. There are that online tools that we can use for education, but how do you choose?  If you have been interested in what social media can do to enhance your module or programme, then this introduction is for you.  The session will introduce you to a few tools available for free online. 

Google Docs



We will demonstrate these tools and explain how they might be used for education.  This is a two part workshop, this session focusses on some of the most common, almost mainstream tools to give you some ideas.  The follow on session 'Social Media tools in Action' is a practical workshop.


This session is facilitated by Fiona Harvey and Lisa Harris









(photo credit: Matt Hamm via photopin cc)

at 07/3031
University of Southampton
Southampton, United Kingdom

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