Social Media Training: Business Boosters Franchise Induction Week

Social Media Training: Business Boosters Franchise Induction Week
Event on 2014-12-08 09:00:00

Social Media Business Boosters provides a huge opportunity for business to get their message out to thousands of potential consumers but many businesses do not know how to do it effectively nor do they have the time to do it themselves while running their own busi­ness.

The induction course for incoming Social Media Business Boosters is both practical and detailed. The first Franchisee Induction Week covers the list of modules below, and the final day is dedicated to helping you set up all your social media accounts, a full guide to business administration and signing on clients, and practical ongoing assessment.

Our entire in person training is backed by over 30 online training demonstration videos which you can log onto at any time, as well as many downloadable checklist and other documents and resources to assist you.Modules covered in Social Media Business Boosters Franchise Induction Week.

A. What is Social Media Marketing and what are businesses achieving? All the key reasons for a business to have a Social Media Marketing Strategy are explored. You will step through case studies on businesses that do conduct effective Social Media Marketing strategy, and those that don't.

B. The Social Media Tool Box – A review of all the social media sites and tools (such as reporting tools and listening tools as well as social networking sites) that you need to know about to not only understand your options but become active on social media straight away. Practical sessions working through social networking sites on your own laptop are included in a step by step process. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Hootsuite and Google Analytics are all included plus more.

C. Social Media Strategy – What you need to do at the beginning of your social media engagement and the important elements of any clients social media marketing strategy are discussed in conjunction with practical group challenges and tasks.

D. Reputation Management – The importance of reputation management in social media marketing is covered at length.

E. Reporting and Measurement – How you can measure the results of social media marketing campaigns effectively.

F. Day three and four is practical training on your laptop and the steps to take to set up your business and training on signing on your first clients.

G. Sales And Marketing Training – Advertising, campaigns, messaging, client needs

 What are my next steps?

You will need to enter into a Franchise agreement to receive the training and enter the SMBB Network.  Please contact Franchising International either by phone on +61 (0)7 55 778 166 or by using the Contact links.

One of our friendly staff will contact you and arrange for the Franchise Agreement to be emailed or faxed to you.

at Sanctuary Cove SMBB Training Rooms
39 The Promenade
Boyne Island, Australia

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