Social Media Training Course Milton Keynes – One Day Course

Social Media Training Course Milton Keynes – One Day Course
Event on 2013-10-07 09:30:00

Social media can be a minefield – as a business you know you should be using these online platforms but are not sure where to start or perhaps you have had a dabble and not seen any success? This one day social marketing for business course provides you with a great knowledge of the three main social media platforms which you can take away and use within your business.

Social marketing for business training – course overview

This one day course will help you to know where to start with social media, or if you have started and not seen success how to improve your social media strategy. We talk in simple, plain language so you do not have to be an IT wizard to attend; it is a carefully designed course for anyone interested in using social media in an influential way to enhance and grow their business.


How you will benefit?

Following attending this one day social media training course you will have a good understanding of:


  • A knowledge of social media and the driving forces behind it
  • The importance of social media
  • Techniques and a blue print on how to create a social media strategy
  • Measurement of success and knowing and what to measure
  • A good understanding of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and how to use them effectively in context to your business
  • Tools you can use to help resource social media and find opportunities you may previously have missed.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for anyone connected to a business wishing to leverage the power of social media marketing to increase their business performance. Previous attendees have included small business owners, marketing executives, directors, entrepreneurs, civil servants to global brands from backgrounds as diverse from farming to airlines.


Social marketing for business training course content:

Social Media Strategy 

  • Why is social media so important for businesses?
  • Developing a successful social media strategy
  • Audience targeting and behaviours
  • Business functions – how each one can be utilised with social media
  • Integration – integrating social media in to your current marketing plan
  • Creating content – knowing what content to create
  • Resources – you don’t need a full time social media expert!
  • Measuring success and your competitors – clever tricks and tips for measuring your effectiveness of social media
  • Reputation management – how to deal with negative comments/ a crisis
  • Social media policy – the importance of having one in place
  • The best and most valuable tools you need to manage your social media strategy


  • Strategies around personal and corporate Twitter branding
  • Setting up your account correctly and most effectively
  • Business functions – how Twitter can be used
  • How to find your target audience
  • Best Practices
  • Lists – how to use this really valuable tool
  • How to find, listen and monitor conversations about your industry, brand and/or area of expertise
  • Twitter etiquette and jargon
  • What to Tweet – having a plan in place while being spontaneous at the same time


  • Is Facebook really a place for a business to operate? What works, what doesn’t
  • An overview of Facebook and its latest changes
  • How to harness Facebook to create brand ambassadors of your business
  • Facebook pages – What you really need to know
  • Measurement – setting objectives and knowing what to measure
  • Facebook Ads – targeting on a whole new level
  • Embracing the advantages of Facebook Check-Ins


  • Why LinkedIn? – Insight in to LinkedIn and its demographics
  • Setting objectives – for your personal profile & Company page
  • Optimising – Key areas to consider for optimising your profile and brand presence for Google search results
  • How to maximise your target audience engagement levels
  • How to build your network effectively
  • Making the most of Groups
  • LinkedIn Ads – understanding how and how these can be used

Testimonials from previous attendees of SocialB courses


"Really useful course with a great knowledgeable trainer – I will be sending my whole team" O2


“Off the scale! Very knowledgeable, could answer every question clearly and successfully.  Great case studies and also able to advise on what is relevant to a wide variety of markets” Talaris

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