Social Media & Video Statistics for 2014

1. By 2014, 90% Of All Web Traffic Will Be Video-Based (Cisco) 2. 188.5 Million Americans Watched 46.7 Billion Online Content Videos In August 2013. (ComScor…

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    Here are some social media and video statistics of 2014. (Credits to the owner). Social Media & Video Statistics for 2014 This phenomenon is growing daily and each online business should get social media marketing. It engages and entertains. It informs your customers and allows you to give feedback and increase your customer experience. Go to our website, contact us and we’ll help you set up a great social media marketing strategy. —

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  3. WISE Women In Social Environments says:

    Social Media in 2014

  4. Citation Gurus says:

    Find out the statistics on video #marketing and how important it is to integrate video into your #seo campaign. Cisco estimates that by 2016 online videos will double to 2.16 billion users. With these stats in mind maybe it’s time to see how you can use this fantastic tool in your #searchengineoptimization campaign.

  5. VirtuallyInSync says:

    By 2014, 90% of all web traffic will be #video based (Cisco)

  6. Virtually INSync says:

    NEW VIDEO POST: Social & Video Statistics To Keep In Mind for 2014

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