Social Media, “Why My Business” ?

Social Media, “Why My Business” ?
Event on 2013-05-01 10:00:00

This event is being run by Creation Social Media ( and is designed to give you an understanding of the uses of some of the main platforms you may choose to use or be using meantime. The use & Value of Social Media in Business. The Platforms. Building Your Audience The Do's and Donts Key Messages. – Social content is the “new” king – for Facebook Twitter etc." "140 characters will become more important than ever" "Visual as a Social Media weapon of choice will be enormous"


Give an overview of Facebook and its current positioning as a primary Social Media platform which consumers use. -We would look to identify the importance of engagement when using Facebook for business. -A pretty page with lots of "likes" does not get you noticed but people "liking" "commenting" and "sharing" does and can be so important even for a "newbie" -Only 16% approx of posts are seen in people's newsfeeds so the more engagement the better, regardless of number of likes etc.


"You cannot ignore Twitter anymore in 2013." The reason we would put that across is that Twitter is the 2nd largest Social search engine after google It's about listening on twitter – look at the competitor & the potential clients It's about list management to make it an easier way to control what you see It's about Engagement – knowing why you should reply, Rt , Mention & the Etiquette which can go a long way to potential customers following what your business says etc.


Summarise the rise and rise of Pinterest and its recent recognition as a major player in the Social Media sector with the advent of Business Pages. Explain its simplicity and its place within the business marketing strategy. Examples of how it is so effective in driving traffic. Awareness of the statistics and tools available to make it very easy to manage.

LinkedIn It's all changing!! A summary of the value and visuals Why you need to be there

at The Vine Conference Centre
131 Garvock Hill
Fife, United Kingdom

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