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It's Time To Get Social. Be Where Your Customers Are: In Social MediaThis full day social media masterclass will provide you with the tools, knowledge and research abilities to establish, manage and measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign, and to engage, delight and build loyalty in your social media customer base.This course is all about practice, not theory.

You leave with a fully operational, functioning social media marketing strategy.   SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING AND SETUPThis workshop "Social Media. Work DAMMIT!" delivers a deep understanding of the WHY and HOW of Social Media. 
This workshop will cover:

  • What is social media?
  • What social media initiative deliver the most reward for the least effort?
  • Starting, optimising and supercharging the "Big 5" (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • What content will help me grow faster?
  • What have the best social media users been doing (Case Studies)

With complimentary Handouts for additional success: including "How do I use social media to grow profits using Facebook Ads?"

SMBB is holding a series of full day social media workshops throughout rural Victoria in response to some expressions of interest that we’ve received on our web site from those areas.

These workshops specifically target small rural-based businesses in industries such as finance, tourism, retail and trades.

Unlike many social media courses being held now, we do more than just provide you with a brief high-level, theoretical introduction to traditional social media channels such as, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We give you the right tools for the right job, then show you step-by-step how to use them in practice, which condenses your management of a professional an useful social media marketing campaign into just 15 minutes, or less, each day.

The course provides you with a take away, repeatable process that you keep using when you return to your workplace. No guessing about what to do next or wondering whether you're doing it right.

You leave the course having established your own social media channels, and knowing how to run an effective digital marketing campaign using those channels in less than an hour a week. This includes:

  • finding world class content
  • scheduling the delivery of that content to your various channels
  • and finally, locating, engaging and attracting potential clients. 

 CONFIRMED PRESENTER for the Social Media Workshop:

at The George Hotel
25/27 Lydiard Street
Ballarat, Australia

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