Solar power will soon be as cheap as coal

Solar power will soon be as cheap as coal
To get there, other semiconducting materials will have to be stacked on top of existing solar cells to convert a wider spectrum of sunlight into electricity. … Griffith recently oversaw the design and testing of several 100-meter-long blade models at …
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VueVoyage uses photography to pick world's best travel destinations
With summer approaching before you know it, you may be thinking about your next vacay. A peruse of the website VueVoyage could inspire you to take a trip to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, the Waldorf Astoria in New York City (best known as hotel …
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Here Are the Secrets of Unicorn Companies
… does that same process — new idea to product on a Walmart shelf, in just 29 days. And that's in an old industry, not some newfangled internet-software-freemium-social-gaming play. … And here are the top ten: 1.GitHub, 2. Airbnb, 3. Uber, 4 …
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