Solar-powered GPS Wireless Camera Bike from Yahoo!

Solar-powered GPS Wireless Camera Bike from Yahoo!

Image by @superamit
Yahoo sent me this super bike to ride around for a few weeks.

Every 60 seconds (while moving), it snaps a photo, geo-tags it, and uploads it to Flickr here:

Solar panels power batteries in the box in the back, and an N95 does the picture-taking, geo-tagging, and uploading up front. Everything’s sealed up for weather.

There are 20-odd of these bikes around. It was made by Yahoo in Brooklyn and San Diego, and came in a truck.

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17 Responses to Solar-powered GPS Wireless Camera Bike from Yahoo!

  1. kate* says:

    oh. my. god. WOW!

  2. Charlie Park says:

    So did you end up naming it Barack Obama?

  3. @superamit says:

    @kate I know! @Charlie so far, yes! Barack Obama is my new bicycle. (Credit to katherine for the name)

  4. ranjit says:

    AND it’s purple!

  5. everyplace says:

    So great. So, so great.

  6. ~priyak~ says:

    This is sure cool, have fun.

  7. curlyjazz says:

    I want one!

  8. alicia954 says:

    Hot stuff! Yesterday I saw scribbled on the sidewalk in my neighborhood, "Bake Sale for Obama." It MUST be for your bike, yes? Future pimped-out-ness?

  9. ben-s says:

    That looks like a cool toy! It’s almost an affordable version of Google’s car…

  10. brittaameel says:

    Holy cow! This is SO COOL. A little more expensive than my contraption, but probably even cooler. Jealous!

  11. KarenAbad says:

    shiet cool.

  12. bhaggs says:

    So where do you plan on parking this bike? 😉 Granted, I’ll have to thwart its built-in surveillance camera.

  13. @superamit says:

    @bhaggs — plus i’ll be able to track its thief on a map since it’s geo-tagging as it goes..

  14. @MSG says:

    how to geotag the world how to geotag the world

  15. isurusen says:

    cook gadget and a novel idea. happy trails, but being unedited and unsorted, the photostream is not very captivating

  16. whereisindira says:

    and i thought my schwinn 10-speed was cool…

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