Some SEO myths

Matt Cutts answers Google questions: – Myths: 1) sites on the same server, 2) IP, or 2) including off-domain JavaScript – Launching sites with millions of pages: how should I do it best? – Google images: updates on the horizon, and current Google Images technology Matt Cutts Answerer: Matt Cutts

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  2. seocom says:

    Good to know the answers to some of the myths out there. Thanks.

  3. seoindia2011 says:

    Nice info. Thanks Matt Cutts. Thumbs up for U.

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    hi matt why do u make life hard :)

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    Interesting video thanks

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  13. seoindia5 says:

    nice video thanks for the share.

  14. Lara Caine says:

    Is that the last word then? Having sites on the same server is okay…

  15. Hakan KIRKAN says:

    Ok examples has huge difference ” a few sites and 5k sites” how about 30-50 sites?

  16. seotastic says:

    always enjoy your videos on SEO matt

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    Very clear. I love to see your videos again. Thanks for this SEO tutorial :)

  20. corkysintra says:

    Ha Ha Lol…I mythed this before!!

  21. ronnywhispers says:

    Thanks Matt!

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