Sony Xperia Z Review | Engadget

Subscribe To Engadget Today: The Xperia Z is one of the main pillars of Sony’s new plan to focus on mobile, gaming and imaging. In fact, …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to Sony Xperia Z Review | Engadget

  1. Javv OhYeah says:

    I choose blackberry over Sony just because of the bad viewing angle of the screen

  2. Benswan187 says:

    Them viewing angles ruin the whole display

  3. Grant Scott says:

    the guy doing this review is extremely boring and negative. big thumbs down.

  4. OpoSai says:

    So negative about the product for no true reason. It is actually a powerfull device and gorgeous

  5. ajc88uk says:

    What about when you lay your phone on the desk in front of you, or it’s on your bed and your not staring DIRECTLY at it (ie: holding it in front of your face)? I get what you mean but there will be ‘real’ scenarios where viewing angles come into play.

  6. Fasneocroth says:

    Can it be submerged in beer?

  7. Broyale26 says:

    Sharing is caring, bro!

  8. fixfluff says:

    Is the battery life better than S3 ?

  9. LOL59hahaha says:

    bad review

  10. stavrosable says:


  11. Jamil Jamil says:

    OMG I’M a Verry happy Xperia Z user sinds Friday 8 march!! WAUW!

  12. LuisNanix17x says:

    Is it possible to use normal headphones on Xperia Z?

  13. TheMartialKing says:

    not to mention the speakers are located at the side only disrupt the sound when playing games.

  14. TheMartialKing says:

    yeah ? button sticking out only disrupts the seemless build like some other phones.

  15. cutemoboy100 says:

    the back of the phone is not plastic its glass! ffs!

  16. MrJc9600 says:

    The Xperia is glass, not plastic

  17. Haytem Belakhdar says:

    Watching this on my Xperia Z! :)

  18. Pamo460 says:

    silly button?!?!?!?!

  19. Pamo460 says:

    no wireless charging?? what do you think the gold bars are for dumbass, IT HAS WIRELESS CHARGING

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