SoundWater Technologies Ships Portable, High-Tech Clamp-On Flow Meter for Knowing Fluid Flow

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Sometimes you just need to know whats happening inside a pipe. But promptly measuring the flow of water, chemicals, beverages, petroleum products, or other fluids inside pipes has traditionally been anything but a picnicuntil now.

Thats when SoundWater Technologies, LLC, based in Seattle, Washington, began shipping a new kind of portable flow meter called the Orcas. Orcas, which is much more than just a flow meter, transmits measurements wirelessly to nearly any mobile device, and with its unique all-in-one design promises to help technicians anywhere complete testing, monitoring, troubleshooting and other tasks in much less time, and with fewer hassles, than has been possible before.

Orcas combines several advanced technologies in a new way to enable rapid measurement and analysis of flow inside a pipe without any cutting or drilling. Ultrasonic sound waves (inaudible to the human ear) are used to reveal the flow rate inside. Traditionally, measuring flow in a pipe required cutting the pipe, installing an in-line meter, and welding everything back togethera slow, tedious, and costly process.

The portable, four-pound sensorthe device that sends and receives ultrasonic wavesis readily attached to the outside of a pipe using a cam-cleat apparatus. Then the technician uses the companion Orcas app on an Android or Apple iPhone to take flow readings. Using Bluetooth makes the flow meter wireless eliminating the tangle of wires required with conventional flow meters. In a typical application a technician can setup Orcas and start taking flow measurements in 1.5 min. The smartphone-based app means users always have the latest signal processing and analysis capabilities without the hassle of carting around a bulky box.

The old, so-called portable flow meters are a hassle, and, frankly, a mess, says SoundWater CEO Jeff Peery. You had to attach greasy transducers to a pipe using hose clamps and a screwdriverit required four hands to do it right. Then the rats nest of wires, and the big meter box with an endless number of menu optionsanything but portable.

Measuring flow through pipes is essential in a wide range of settings: agricultural irrigation, wastewater, potable water, cooling and heating, chemical production, food and beverage processing, semiconductor manufacturing, pump applications, petroleum processing, HVAC, water utilities, and dozens of other industries and professions regularly need to make these measurements.

Portable flow meters get used regularly, for many different purposes, says Peery. Theyre like the electronic multi-meter of the pipe world.

The Orcas flow meter is manufactured in the U.S. and can be purchased through distribution channels or directly from the company. Inquiries can be directed to Mr. Peery.

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About SoundWater Technologies

SoundWater Technologies, founded in 2013, is a partner of Seametrics, an acknowledged leader in the flow metering industry. Building on more than 70 years of flow metering and ultrasonics industry experience, the SoundWater Technologies designs and develops reliable, durable, easy-to-use fluid and flow sensing devices that help technicians, installers and researchers get their jobs done more quickly, easily and accurately.

SoundWater Technologies is committed to fair business practices, local manufacturing, family and integrity, and giving back to both our community and the natural environment.



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