Soundweb Certified Training – Level 2

Soundweb Certified Training – Level 2
Event on 2012-09-19 10:00:00

The two-day Level 2 Certified course provides a detailed look at some of the more advanced capabilities of Soundweb London. It is intended for proficient users of Soundweb London.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Using multiple configurations
  • Using Zones in the main window
  • Automixer linking
  • MINIDRIVE / OMNIDRIVE programming
  • Crown PIP control
  • BLU‐10 advanced programming
  • Dev files (custom icons in the main window)
  • Advanced aspects of Custom Control Panel design
    – Subpages / Sibling pages
    – Gallery
  • Security
    –  Device security
    –  Design file security
  • CobraNet
    –  Advanced theory
    –  Networks and redundancy
    –  CM‐1 meters
  • Logic
    –  Introduction
    –  Object tour
    –  Case studies
  • 3rd party control
  • Serial strings
  • Key Bindings
  • Macros (custom processing objects)
  • Remote programming via VPN
  • Digital I/O cards

Students who choose to take and pass the Level 2 Certification Exam will receive proof of their proficiency in the form of an official BSS Audio Soundweb London Level 2 Certificate and will be listed, together with their company (if applicable), on our website. Students will also receive InfoComm CTS RU credits upon passing the exam.

The Certified training course is free for UK/ROI customers, clients and consultants, but registration is required as places are limited.

Note: It is a prerequisite to have completed the Level 1 Training Course before taking Level 2.

at Sound Technology Ltd
Amor Way
Garden City, United Kingdom

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