‘Source Code’ Michelle Monaghan Interview

Michelle Monaghan on the most intriguing aspect of her role. For more info on ‘Source Code’ visit: www.hollywood.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to ‘Source Code’ Michelle Monaghan Interview

  1. paulandashia says:

    She said she meets a stranger on the train..? But they were friends. They knew each other before the train…  I’m confused…

  2. maniaces1 says:

    I love you michelle and your movie!!!!!

  3. fuckyeahEPIC says:

    no way. she’s more like sally field.

  4. JehVolta12 says:

    I have just seen the film “source code” and look at me I am right here!

  5. TheGreenMissile says:

    The end of the movie is some Being John Malkovich shit right there

  6. yannopoulosthemis says:

    reminds me of emma stone too.

  7. eafanboyssuck says:

    she is.. wow… wonderful..

  8. jodakarma says:

    I love her!!!

  9. ilIusion89 says:

    such a beautiful woman

  10. XedosRocks says:

    She is very cute !!

  11. jaag76 says:

    she has a natural beauty, I love her

  12. JackFranksFane says:

    i really wish i hadn’t seen her here

  13. SASJKL says:

    and i like the hair do from the movie better too. but she’s so pretty, so oddly pretty.

  14. ybaby1990 says:

    She actually had less makeup in the movie

  15. slapmyfunkybass says:

    shame he didn’t ask her what happens to sean in the film, because i still don’t know…!

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