SourceRise Announces New Platform Connecting Journalists to Expert Global Sources at International Nonprofits and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

SourceRise, an online matching service for journalists and nonprofit public relations (PR) professionals, which soft launched in Beta earlier this month, is a social enterprise that connect journalists and bloggers to expert sources at international nonprofits and NGOs, in an effort to bridge the growing information and context gap in development and foreign news reporting.

Through the SourceRise website, journalists can create and submit source requests for topics of interest to them, which are then emailed to a database of expert nonprofit sources.

In turn, expert sources and PR professionals can also create calls-to-action for emerging and existing humanitarian crises and breaking global hot topics, and receive mini-pitches summarized in 280 characters or less (the size of two tweets), that are then listed in an news stream that includes source contact information for quick turnaround.

Journalists, content publishers, pro-bloggers and freelancers can then follow up on stories that they are interested in. In addition, SourceRise matches journalists, photojournalists and other media makers with NGOs able to host them in the areas of the world they want to report on.

“For the first time, SourceRise offers nonprofits an alternative to press releases, email pitches and cold calls,” said Caroline Avakian, Founder & CEO of SourceRise. “Many social good organizations have so much expertise and access to areas of the world most journalists dont anymore. I wanted to create a way for the media to easily tap into that global community of experts and help them share their knowledge on breaking global hot topics and crises that people need more information about. We believe that by increasing that exposure and ease of communication, we can help bring more of those critical stories to life.

SourceRises uniquely constrained format is attractive to media and content publishers as it allows them to quickly triage story ideas and follow up on those that they find relevant, all on their time and at their convenience.

SourceRise is effective for small and large nonprofits alike. For small non-profits that cannot afford professional PR services, it represents an accessible way to promote their stories and perspectives to the media.

Nonprofit communications staff have shown excellence in leveraging digital communications for social good, said Avakian. That community has embraced technology, so now were meeting them where they already are, and introducing SourceRise as their new digital media relations tool.

In the near future, SourceRise plans to expand to include a searchable database of global expert sources, direct targeting of media, and other features and services.

SourceRise is currently in Beta and free for all members. Interested parties can apply for membership at the SourceRise website.

About SourceRise

SourceRise is a social enterprise that directly connects journalists to on-the-ground expert sources from all over the world, to bridge the growing information and context gap in development and foreign news reporting. Via a digital network of journalists and expert global NGO sources, SourceRise enables foreign news reporting rooted in real time, accuracy, and deep context. As a result, we are improving the quality of news and information, and increasing coverage of vital humanitarian issues.

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