Spa Relaxing Music Long Time MP3 With Candle Light
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17 thoughts on “Spa Relaxing Music Long Time MP3 With Candle Light

  1. Qué bellas son esas llamitas que bueno que sean tres, me recuerdan la letra yod o íud, qué dulce hipnosis fuego-vibración musical que nos calma despacito y nos recuerda que la vida es dulce y que no hace falta correr tras el sustento. Sino ir hacia los verdaderos sueños, las emociones positivas que interiorizamos y nos llevan a la Paz.

  2. Lovely thank you! Most of the other songs aree too quiet think they have loud tapping noises! It makes it too jumpy when you are trying to sleep! any way Thanks 😀

  3. omg this is such an inspiration peice of art! My 18 year old son and his girlfriend play this all the time in the shower and just sit and cry together! Its just so peaceful and soothing of the cranium, a.k.a brain lol

  4. Hi!..check out “The Secret Life Of Trees” on’s 75 minutes of original Enya style music for relaxation…the title is below.. “The Secret Life Of Trees” RELAX and CHILL OUT to 75 mins of music

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