Spartanburg Law Firm Unveils an Informative New Website

Spartanburg, South Carolina (PRWEB) February 26, 2014

Whether a person has been accused of a crime, seriously hurt in an accident, or is going through something as painful as a divorce, knowing where to turn for help can be difficult. Outcomes of a situation like any of these could be life changing. As personal injury, criminal defense, and family law attorneys in Spartanburg, the team at Holland & Usry understands the challenges people face in these situations. Now, the South Carolina law firm is launching a new website to educate people in these trying situations to make it easier for them to understand their options and find the help they need.

Dropping all legal jargon and technical terms, the website is written in a way that allows those without a law degree to understand it. Through information about the various laws and what those faced with major life situations can do to protect themselves, visitors to the website are able to grasp their rights and options with ease. The content is straightforward and easy to read, making it both informative and helpful. On the new Holland & Usry website, visitors have access to a legal library of articles, news about events around Spartanburg, a list of case results for the law firm, client testimonials, resources, and an FAQ section.

Some of the specific type of information visitors can expect to access on the Holland & Usry website includes the types of punishments those accused with domestic violence may face; how the court determines spousal support in Spartanburg; how serious auto accidents are resolved; and the benefits of having a union during a workers compensation claim in South Carolina.

Through years of experience as family, criminal defense, and personal injury lawyers in Spartanburg, the team at Holland & Usry, P.A. understands the intricacies of South Carolinas laws. Through this experience, they are able to dedicate their resources and knowledge toward helping the clients that reach out to them for help. They understand how troubling situations like these can be, and they are realistic about the outcomes each person faces. With an honest, personal touch added to their legal know-how, Holland & Usrys attorneys assure their clients that they will get the best available outcome in their cases.

The new Holland & Usry website will deliver a wealth of helpful information as well as free brochures and guides about their practice areas. Armed with this information, clients and visitors of Holland & Usry can understand the options available to them. Foster Web Marketing, the lawyer marketing firm, designed the website. The new site will continue to be regularly refreshed with more information and updates for those seeking legal aid in Spartanburg.

Visit the new Spartanburg law firms website to learn more.

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