Speakers Technology Toolkit

Speakers Technology Toolkit
Event on 2013-05-15 09:30:00

The Speaker Technology Toolkit

Because there is no point being fabulous on your own

You know you should know your hash tags from your hash browns but it all seems a bit confusing. What exactly is Word press and isn't Eventbrite a furniture polish?

Following my talk at the last APSS monthly meeting and due to popular demand I'm going to host a few very informal "Speaker Technology Days" to help you unravel what you need to know about technology to grow your business. Very limited numbers and I'm delighted to run them for small groups – no fancy venue to keep the cost down – lunch will be provided.

Why me? Before training as an image consultant 11 years ago I spent 23 years as an IT trainer. The technology "stuff" comes pretty easy to me, and being a trainer, rather than a "techie" I can also make it easy for you to understand.

I'm will cover topics specifically related to your business as a speaker or trainer:

Excel Essentials:

  • How to analyse your customer base and summarise your expenses with Pivot Table Reporting
  • How to keep up to date with your P&L with Countifs so you always know where you stand financially

Word Speaker Essentials

  • How you use Styles for consistent document formatting creating user guides
  • Automatically creating a table of contents

PowerPoint Beyond Bullets

  • How to create slides that rock without a single bullet point
  • Using SmartArt graphics and animation
  • Managing all your presentations with custom Slide Shows
  • Creating your own slide masters

Competing in the Google Race

  • How to ensure your webpage gets listed favourably
  • Finding the right keywords with the google adwords key tool
  • Creating Google Adverts and campaigns at the lowest cost
  • Creating display adverts without expensive graphics software
  • Using Google remarketing to re-entice visitors to your website
  • Using Google Analytics to track your visitors and check on your ROI

Facebook and Linkedin Advertising

  • Creating graphics for appealing sidebar advertising
  • How to laser target adverts and keep the costs down

Creating Auto responders

  • Using drip feed marketing to build relationships with your customers

Editing Videos in Microsoft Movie Maker for YouTube

This is a jam packed day! It will be fast paced. You'll need your laptop with a copy of MS Office. As much of the day as possible will be practical. There will be things you'll need to go away and do yourself after the course but you'll discover how straightforward they can be when you know what you are looking for.

Want something a little more specific – you are probably not the only one so let me know and I will organise something.





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