SPECIAL: Google Glass Event

This is my walkthrough of the Glass Event that Google held in Durham, NC on October 5th, 2013.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to SPECIAL: Google Glass Event

  1. HegedusMovie says:

    Gigafide, the same music every time? srsly??

  2. Maria das Santos says:

    Were the NSA and the other alphabet fascists wandering around pretending to be good guys,in attendance?

  3. GTXFerrari says:

    did not know you were in nc. i use to live in concord

  4. PYAH!WoW says:

    Please check ur Windows 8 download video!

  5. efgerert says:

    tinkernut would please please just upload your background sound the one that you are currently using in your video or send me the song in my email “millofat@gmail.com”. please.

  6. Laoch111 says:

    Can people leave the house anymore and just be?

  7. Films4You says:

    7:28 “Google Glass show me how to get out off here now, with out paying”

  8. Films4You says:

    This bloke waves his arms about like the dodgy car salesman, (Stan’s Emporium) in the Money Island game when tring to sell junk :)

  9. Films4You says:

    Seems to cope well with background noise. if a bit sluggish.

  10. Laoch111 says:

    Come on Google, STOP being tax avoiders.

  11. mancool110 says:

    Was this the public or private event? This wasn’t a big drive for you because you live in chapel hill?

  12. MBChilladin says:

    because they want your money so they create these glasses to attract gadget collectors?

  13. MBChilladin says:

    He cant help it he is… ITALIAN!!!!

  14. Bunica Teodor says:

    what.s this beat called ?

  15. Sam Cryptos says:

    Ok Glass, Time to Fap Is there something like that?

  16. freaky6429 says:

    But will it blend ?

  17. admirnaruto says:

    I see you had your youtube nextup shirt to a google event 😛

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