Spectacular Media, Creators of SM Infinity for Digital Advertising, Launches New Websites & Robust Features

Round Rock, TX (PRWEB) July 21, 2014

Spectacular Media, a cloudware and digital advertising firm headquartered in Round Rock, TX with satellite offices in California and Colorado just revamped their websites, added new features to their robust SM Infinity Cloudware control platform for Digital Signage, and announced continued growth in the third quarter with even greater things to come. They are poised to be the next big thing for Digital Signage cloud controls.

We started the company from a joint sense of frustration. The team has worked with LED outdoor signage, indoor/outdoor HD Digital Signage systems (LED, OLED, projection, etc.) and we kept getting frustrated with the control solutions out there, explained Deacon Wardlow, Special Ops director based out of Colorado. A client comes to a DS (Digital Signage) integrator looking for a solution and a lot of the software out there just causes problems instead of solving them. The systems arent easily customized and not very intuitive. I sat down with Scott Hofheins (co-director of Spectacular Media based out of Round Rock, TX) and some of our partners and we said, Theres got to be a better way.

Deacon, Scott, and their partners joined forces with Vantage LED who gave them complete access to the control solution and were willing to co-create a new vision for Digital Signage control systems. The new website highlights their strengths as a digital signage control solution provider with custom content services, competitive pricing, and innovative features like an iPad app to control outdoor or indoor Digital signage systems.

The cloud is where its at; email, entertainment, web-conferencing, work spaces its all moving to the cloud, explained Hofheins, We love simplifying things. Technology can be complex and end users can get lost. Its not easy simplifying a massive control solution, but weve got an awesome team and the end-user response to SM Infinity has been excellent, were definitely on track for some great success in the market!

Spectacular Media has a popular following from end-users who are converting from existing Digital Signage systems to their SM Infinity control solution. Partnership agreements are providing expansion to Australia, Asia, South America, and the European Union. They actively encourage potential partners and clients to meet the team and enjoy speaking directly with everyone from manufacturing partners to end-users for feedback.

Just when you think theyve run out of surprises, youll login and BAM theres another excellent new feature I wouldve been thinking of requesting Its almost as though they sense the need and run to get it set just a bit before an end-user knows they want it, stated Ben Ziglin of ZM Media, an LCD/HD Digital Signage provider/partner of Spectacular Media based out of Missouri.

With the new launch of their company, a rapidly expanding partner and fan-base, this is definitely a company worth watching. Scott Hofheins and Deacon Wardlow (the directors of Spectacular Media) promised there would be even more to come over the next few months with more partnership announcements planned for the fourth quarter.

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