Speed Reading Software Developer eReflect Supports the Call of Libraries for Parents and Teachers to Join Summer Reading Programs This Year

New York City, NY (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

Speed reading software 7 Speed Reading and parent company eReflect, maker of self-paced learning programs, today announced their support for libraries that wish to extend their summer reading programs to teachers and parents. According to 7 Speed Reading this initiative is a much welcomed one as it takes into account a population fragment often overlooked.

The software developers at eReflect explained that by getting teachers and parents enrolled in summer reading program it will promote reading as a fun and constructive pastime that everyone wants to participate in. This will motivate the children and students of these parents and teachers to see reading not as a teacher-imposed chore, but as an engaging, educational pastime everyone takes pleasure in.

As the makers and promoters of software that promotes learning through techniques for reading faster, 7 Speed Reading revealed that the example set by Michigan libraries should be closely followed. In order to entice students to keep reading during the off-school, summer months, Michigan libraries have developed this Summer Reading Program specifically addressed to parents and students. The aim of this reading promotion initiative is twofold: first, its a way of making reading programs more inclusive and second, its an indirect appeal to the students associated with this addressed demographic. It sets a prime example to have the parents and teachers of students enrolled in reading programs, and it encourages less-excited-about-reading students to see reading more positively.

The developers behind eReflect’s speed reading software explained that this should be a great incentive for at-risk students to catch up with their language skills during the summer months. Spelling, vocabulary, speed reading, and other language skills are promoted through reading and with this initiative it will be no exception; students along with their parents and teachers will get a chance to catch up on skills they havent perfected in the previous school year, and in the following year they will be able to show their improved language skills.

Family and parents-only reading clubs are expected to take place during the summer of 2013, which as the libraries expectations confirm, will appeal to many students, especially the ones traditionally uninterested in learning and reading.

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