Spirits’ Homecoming

Spirits’ Homecoming
Event on 2016-09-09 19:00:00

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Set in 1943, World War II: the innocent 14 year old Jung-min (Kang Hana) has no clue why she is being dragged away from her family by the Japanese soldiers.Jung-min is thrown onto a train along with many other children, including Young-hee (Seo Miji) they do not know their destination. Jung-min and the other children are launched onto the cold battlefield. The Japanese soldiers inflict terrible agony and pain onto them.This is a painful history of ours that shouldnt be forgotten!Though Ive kept the past buried deep in my heart as it was too awful and hard to believeI cant stand looking at our people being oblivious of the past and hanging on to Japan. Please take care of my grudge before I pass away. The late Kim Hak-soon (Victim of 'Comfort Women')

at Algonquin Commons Theatre
1385 Woodroffe Avenue
Ottawa, Canada

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