Spiritual Maturity Course 2nd Sem 2014

Spiritual Maturity Course 2nd Sem 2014
Event on 2014-09-11 19:00:00

Spiritual Maturity Course

A Course that Helps You to Overcome

Whose it for?

Every one: church members and guests.  It will help you to understand that salvation is a door to the Kingdom of God but revelation is the key to the life of the overcomer.  It is the overcomer who succeeds in life, who fulfils his divine purpose, and who receives rewards in the Kingdom of God.  


What is about?

There is 1 terms of 21 evenings, covering 10 life-changing subjects:

1.       Principles on Receiving Revelation

2.       Walking In The Spirit

3.       The Plan Of Redemption

4.       Transforming Your Soul

5.       The Food & the Enemies of Faith

6.       Disciplines of the Spirit

7.       The Fullness of the Spirit

8.       The Formation Of Christ’s Character in us

9.       Spiritual Warfare

10.   The Kingdom and Return of Jesus


Thursdays 7pm – 9.40pm

Dates: From Thursday 11th Set 2014 – Thursday 12th Feb 2054



Vine Studio at Unit 5, Blackworth Court, Highworth, SN6 7NS


How much does each term cost?

     Payment options:

  • One payment            – £85 x 1 (payable in full)
  • Two payments          – £45 x 2 (payable in Sep & February)
  • Five payments         – £20 x 5 (payable on first Thursday of each month)

at Vine Studio
5 Blackworth
Highworth, United Kingdom

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