Spoiler Alert! – 100 Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes – (Movie Endings Ruined)

The plot twists and final scenes from your favorite movies ruined/spoiled in under 5 minutes. SUBSCRIBE TO US www.youtube.com MORE SPOILERS www.youtube.com Follow us around the web www.TheFineBrothers.com http www.twitter.com Movies spoiled: The Crying Game- The chick’s a dude Blair Witch Project Reservoir Dogs- Tim Roth is a Cop A Beautiful Mind- Ed Harris and Paul Bettany are Russel Crowe’s imaginary friends Sixth sense- Bruce Willis dead whole film Unbreakable- Samuel L Jackson Signs The Village Chinatown- Jake Gittes discovers that Evelyn Mulray is Cross’ daughter and was raped by him ET Silence of the Lambs- Clarice kills Buffalo Bill Wild things- Neve Campbell planned it all from the beginning and you see Kevin Bacon’s dick Rocky- Rocky loses Rocky II Rocky Wins Rocky III Rocky IV Rocky V Rocky wins the STREET fight Rocky Balboa- Adrian is dead and Rocky still loses the fight There Will be Blood- Daniel Plainview kills Eli with a Bowling Pin Forrest Gump- Jenny dies on a Saturday Morning Sex and The City- Carrie Marries Mr. Big Hancock — Will Smith and Charlize Theron Usual suspects- Kevin Spacey is Kaiser Soze LA CONFIDENTIAL- Kevin Spacey is killed American Beauty- Kevin Spacey is killed by the gay Dad Se7en- Kevin Spacey is killed by Brad Pitt for putting Brad Pitt’s Wife’s decapitated head in a box Life of david gale Kill Bill- She kills Bill And her name is Beatrix Million dollar baby- Hilary Swank gets paralyzed and Clint Eastwood mercy kills her Castaway
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Spoiler Alert! – 100 Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes – (Movie Endings Ruined)

  1. mrminecraft5565 says:

    this is how i like to watch my movies the 5 second ones :)

  2. TheRamstorm says:

    I’m surprised “Life Is Beautiful” was on there. Watched it in my Italian class and loved it =)

  3. 3infront says:

    theres going to be a robin

  4. salyerca says:

    At the start of the film, as they are putting him into the machine, the technician says “blue skies on Mars?” as he’s loading the profile. The film ends with blue skies on Mars.

  5. Ryan Mark says:

    nope on 86 total recall ended with a cliffhanger that never said if this was a dream or real life

  6. SwampRat971 says:

    Inception: It was sometimes a dream, or a double dream. Even a triple dream. And at one point a quad dream. And then they wake up. And his wife dies.

  7. motleycrue05131994 says:

    can you guys please do casino?

  8. delafun says:

    Fun fact: 0:34 In Brazil the dubbing changed the end, so here Rocky wins the fight.

  9. zano712 says:

    Actually the bears in bad news bears lose to the Yankees but don’t give a crap and they go crazy

  10. Iris Zhai says:

    im gonna regret watching this, so many films i havent seen

  11. Iris Zhai says:

    lol this was made in ’08, half blood prince didnt come out yet

  12. DmentorKriptoniano says:

    #3 in reservoir dogs we cant be sure if mr pinks gets kill or not.. you can hear a gunshoot and the police calling him at the whilr thr credits roll..

  13. sonofjasonvoorhees2 says:

    I was expecting to hear the most spoiled spoiler in existence… SNAPE KILLS DOMBELDOOR! (sorry for my SHIT spelling)

  14. spiderbogus369 says:

    sad face to the heath ledger joke :( he doesnt deserve the meanness. . .and yes meanness is a word

  15. Anciiibananciii says:

    #88 THE BEST!

  16. Kellyyyoh says:

    I think it’s funny…………….

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