Spore – Krayt Dragon [SWG Online] [Pr]

This is based on Krayt Dragons from the old MMO, Star Wars Galaxies Online, as opposed to the movie (which I assume looks slightly different). I still remember hunting these guys for hours…

20 thoughts on “Spore – Krayt Dragon [SWG Online] [Pr]

  1. Not sure if i can make a request, especially one ive seen requested to you before, But i would love to see Turok Makto, or the big bird from Avatar. 

  2. Very nice! The work you do is amazing! I’d really wanna request something, but since im an indecisive bastard and can’t stick to one thing, i’ll just present a “short” list of things i’d wanna see, so you can choose yourself what you wanna do: Any Scrin unit from C&C 3 Chryssalid, from XCOM: Enemy Unknown Any Zerg unit from Starcraft or Starcraft II Any one of the native alien things from Civilization: Beyond Earth

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  4. You can still share creations with modded parts or infinite complexity by using the PNG images. Maybe one day you could release a creatures pack?

  5. Do you have any collections designed for the stages? I forgot what it is called, but each creature required a certain part to be populated and you can select the theme before starting a stage. Maxis posted a requirement list once… Just wondering… 

  6. Could you plz make Kraken or Goliath from Evolve? PS the things you do are Fantatatatatastic! Seriously, don’t stop! PPS Your last Evolve creation was pretty good made!

  7. can you make jabaa the hut?it will be realy cool,or just general grievous (i played star wars battlefront 2 or 3 and i remember spending time playing on the jedis and siths,i like playing with yoda and darth vader!)

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