Spykee Chatbot

Here i’ve modified a Spykee wifi robot to use AIML, (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) to chat with it’s owner, sometimes making no sense, but a lot of fun none the less.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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5 Responses to Spykee Chatbot

  1. Samantha Foy says:

    I just recently got one of those. How did you install the AI?

  2. kkkaaatttiiieeehhh says:

    i love how all they’ve done is typed the response into the computer to say and moved the robot about

  3. eyedatseesall2010 says:

    johnny 5

  4. 5ilvara says:

    *_* So cool! How was you able to change that? Do you think it’s possible to make it compatible with others language ? C, basic, prolog, tcl?

  5. Roozmusic1 says:

    Who cares?!

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