Spykee WIFI Robot Showcase and first test

Spykee WIFI Robot Showcase and first test

Awsome wifi robot….I like to chase the kids around my house. You might find my blog interesting, there’s more videos and more random rubbish www.qwerf.com or if you’re bored, please annoy my wife http
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21 Responses to Spykee WIFI Robot Showcase and first test

  1. Hana Hock says:

    my video isn’t working, does any1 have anything that could help? plz?

  2. jurij1ful says:

    are you on a deskop computer?

  3. bakukider says:

    are you geocaching spoilers

  4. diddims4 says:

    can anyone tell me if/where i could buy ONLY the peices of the bulding part. I lifted my robot by the body and one side of the robot just came of the base and i cant fix it unless i use duct tape. pleaseeeee help

  5. Freezescreen66 says:

    How much did this cost??

  6. Christopher80611 says:

    R.I.P Svengalie!

  7. Christopher80611 says:

    ellinas?kai gw!

  8. Evil Rado says:

    i love disturbed 

  9. loki079 says:

    Hi all i just got this spykee robot from a yard sale for 2$. He is in perfect condition, he is missing the cd for software. The website seems to stricken with a virus. Can anyone pm a link of his software? P.S. Its battery is bad that’s why they got rid of it. P.S.S Nice Vid :)

  10. 11345l says:

    yea i want to see the “telly too” what in the heck pounds?!?!?!?!?

  11. royme54 says:

    you can buy the old model if u want it with remote, but its not as good as this model.

  12. PikolUploader says:

    omg I loved that autoparking

  13. tziotaras13 says:

    best job for spykee is to spy under girls dreesses

  14. 21aektzis says:

    3:53 msn message x0a0x

  15. Your PC Guru Jim says:

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  16. Christopher80611 says:


  17. ginalolobrigita1 says:

    can u control it from anywhere u have access to internet like rovio? i mean like another house or something

  18. maxman1244 says:

    where do you get him

  19. Qamer Razzaq says:

    if u are new to meccno then it might be it is quite easy actually.

  20. mpampis zoumpoulias says:


  21. proprix says:

    hard to build?

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