Spykee Wifi Spy Robot Showcase

The awesome robot,spykee finally came out !You can speak hear and see from it with the michrophone the camera and the speakers.Also you can control spykee from anywhere in the wolrd via the internet!So you can even check on the security of your home when your away on holidays!Awesome robot.Hey guys sorry about my voice i just had a cold.Anyway i took this for Christmas.

7 thoughts on “Spykee Wifi Spy Robot Showcase

  1. sorry man but,no.For 2 reasons,First it’s like to give someone the key of your house and I can’t trust anyone to drive it.And secondly,lately there have been some connections problem with my Spykee so for a reason I can’t drive it remotely any more.But I know what’s wrong and I am gonna fix it

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