SSX Review – IGN Reviews

SSX Review - IGN Reviews

The snowboarding genre of video games have just been revived. SSX brings the heat as well as the chill in their latest gravity defying masterpiece. With over 150 drops across 9 mountains, the possibility of big time air and massive tricks are limitless. One of the new things in SSX is RiderNet: an online multiplayer community where you can see the status of your friends and challenge them to your favorite custom race. Overall, SSX more than delivered on its presentation and gameplay. This is a must buy for PS3 owners. Release Date: February 28, 2012 Exclusively on: PlayStation 3 Genre: Extreme Sports Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: EA Canada E for Everyone Heel Grab 720 over to IGN for more: Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming:

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13 Responses to SSX Review – IGN Reviews

  1. ddog388112 says:

    This game lacking Multiplayer really kills it for me. The reason I enjoyed Orginal SSX was playing against my friends. Little no Multiplayer on this SSX and wow that really sucks.

  2. silverhayabusa1 says:

    Is SSX, on the PS Vita, a good game to buy?

  3. Billbobbetkinz says:

    I corrected myself in a later comment. He needs to grow up, and you need to be more vigilant.

  4. igrenade says:

    it’s not true 1080p. upscaling is completely different. and you’re telling him to grow up? lol

  5. sk8ter688 says:

    Game looks great on my ps3, and surround sound really makes the soundtrack pop

  6. Billbobbetkinz says:

    I used to play all of my games on my pc, so I do know what I am talking about. Dx11 isn’t even close to necessary on fast moving games, as displayed by Sonic Generations, which uses dx9. I was wrong about the 1080p, I will admit. Also, this game simply would not work with keyboard and mouse, which most pc users would complain about. You probably will anyway, but it’s pointless to respond, as it is highly unlikely that this game will have a pc port.

  7. yousini says:

    Simpleton, mods have effect on how things look, learn what the word modification means. Learn what dx11 is, including what god rays are among other things that you notice even on fast moving games. The textures were not designed for 1080p, as the game runs on 720p and your hdtv only upscales it to 1080p. To be exact, SSX is SSX = 1120×585, that’s not 1080p you dolt. Stop talking about something you have absolutely no idea about.

  8. Billbobbetkinz says:

    Modding has no effect on the way it looks. There is no need for dx11 effects on fast moving snow, and antialiasing wouldn’t be noticeable on a game that is placed in a home theatre. The textures were designed for 1080p, which is high definition. You either don’t have you’re ps3 connected with a hdmi cable, or you are sitting as close to your tv as you would to a pc monitor.

  9. yousini says:

    are you some kind of a cretin? try no antialiasing, no dx11 effects, and high definition textures among modding capabilities etc

  10. Ken Dippel says:

    I got this game for $14.50 thinking it was multiplayer (of course, it’s SSX) and if the creators of SSX went corrupt it’s still EA Sports, the people known for awesome multiplayer on the PS2!!! In fact other than wwe and tony hawk, EA sports games were the only multiplayer i owned! And I played them for years after their release because they were so fun to play with my sister, nephew, dad, and friends…then NFS The Run comes out…and now this. Goodbye EA Sports. You will be missed. :)

  11. Billbobbetkinz says:

    Yes, because 1080p just isn’t good enough. Grow up.

  12. ChaosBirth12 says:

    this would have been an instant buy for me but the lack of split screen stopped me from doing it

  13. XzTS says:

    If only it had split screen like the original SSX by EASportsBIG

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